I found the best replacement for the Gmail client for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

I've been using Gmail for years. Despite the fact that I have an auxiliary mail from Yandex, which provides me with access to the branded services of a Russian search engine, the main one is still Google mail. I've always loved how efficiently Gmail cuts spam, how conveniently it groups incoming messages, and just how logical its interface is. Therefore, it did not even occur to me to look for an alternative client for the smartphone, and I used a regular application developed by Google. Until I stumbled upon a Telegram bot by accident, which turned out to be really cool.

I found the best replacement for the Gmail client for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

Gmail is good for everyone, but Telegram bot is better

Oddly enough, yes, I did replace the Gmail app with a bot (install). However, do not rush to close this material, because, I am sure, after reading it, you will also want to do the same.

Where to download the Gmail bot for Telegram

Let's start with the fact that the bot in question is a bot that has verification of Telegram itself, which means it is as secure as possible. I was unable to find out whether it is a proprietary Google development or not, but during the authorization process, you will not have to enter your username and password on an unknown resource. It will be enough to add a bot to yourself, click the Authorize me button, which will appear in the chat, and confirm the entry into Gmail in a separate browser window, allowing the bot to work. In fact, in a similar way, all applications that you install and in which you pass authorization get access to your Google account, so there is no danger here. But let's move on to the features of the bot.

I found the best replacement for the Gmail client for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

Log in to the bot and use

The first thing I appreciate the bot for is the speed of work. It instantly pulls up data on incoming messages from the Google server, quite noticeably ahead of both the mobile Gmail client for iOS, even for Android, and Spark, which I keep for work purposes, so how it allows you to create links to incoming messages and groups them intelligently. I specifically calculated: when a new message arrives, the bot is triggered first, then the Gmail app for iOS, and then Spark for macOS.

How to replace the Gmail app

The second is, of course, brevity. The Gmail bot pulls up only the text and all links contained in the message, but ignores all media content. That is, all the pictures that usually confuse you and force you to run through the letter with your eyes back and forth to find the most important, do not appear in the Telegram interface. The bot even isolates those links that were hidden in the graphic content, while managing not to knock down the layout, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

I found the best replacement for the Gmail client for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

In the bot, you can perform the same manipulations with the message as in the Gmail application

The third is a logical interface. Despite the fact that I have never had any complaints about the design of the Gmail web service and applications for mobile platforms, the bot's controls are structured in such a way that you immediately understand which button and why to press. Therefore, directly from Telegram, you can reply to an incoming message, archive it, forward it, block it and even mark it as read, which is very convenient, because if you do not do this, the message will remain unread in the web version of mail and in applications.

How to get Gmail notifications on your computer

The fourth is cross-platform and a guarantee of receiving notifications. I decided to combine these advantages into one, because in my case they are two extremes of the same essence. Due to the fact that I use four platforms at once – iOS, Android, macOS and Windows – and constantly switch between them, it can be quite difficult for me to track incoming messages in Gmail. Moreover, lately Gmail hasn't sent me notifications to my smartphone, no matter how hard I fight. I admit that Google is doing dirty tricks Huawei due to sanctions, but, one way or another, I haven't received push notifications through the app for Android for several months, and the bot helps me out a lot. After all, I have Telegram installed on all devices, but I'm just too lazy to bother with applications and look for alternative clients for each platform separately.

During the time that I have been using the Gmail bot for Telegram, I have stopped using the native application of the service from the word at all. Now it never even occurs to me to open the web version, or even more so to get into the application (although, of course, for everyone on iPad, I still keep it, so to speak, to support my pants). And why, if everything can be done directly from the messenger? For a long time it has become for me something much more than a means of communication, having turned into a kind of instrument of perception of the world. Through him I read the news, keep in touch with the outside world and do much more.

Install Gmail bot for Telegram

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