I found a cool analogue iPhone SE 2020. It works on Android

For a long time, the only company that produced compact smartphones interesting to users was Apple. At first they made up the bulk of the company's assortment, but over time, Cupertino realized that large devices, firstly, bring in more money, and, secondly, they are a good platform for consuming paid content, and almost completely switched to them, leaving them in there is only one compact smartphone in the lineup – iPhone 8. But Apple failed to achieve record sales from it, and she introduced a new iPhone SE, which many immediately started looking for an alternative to Android.

I found a cool analogue iPhone SE 2020. It works on Android

Looking for an analogue iPhone SE that would work on Android? Meet perhaps the best option

First, let's determine why users love the new iPhone SE so much. True, several factors played a role here. After all, just a compact smartphone in a vacuum is clearly not so interesting to the user – the original iPhone SE would also fit this role. Cheapness – albeit conditional – is also quite mediated here, since iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 people are rather reluctant to buy today. This means that the compact body, the low price and, what is also important, the flagship filling matter.

How to replace iPhone SE with Android

I found a cool analogue iPhone SE 2020. It works on Android

Galaxy S10e small enough to satisfy fans iPhone SE 2

On Android, at first glance, there are no smartphones that would meet all these criteria at once. Pixel 3a, which has an affordable price, has a rather mediocre filling, Galaxy A51, which is available and looks quite flagship, is also far from flagships in performance, and OnePlus 7T Pro, which my colleague Artyom Sutyagin called a competitor iPhone SE 2020, although cool from a technical point of view, clearly does not pull the title of a small smartphone. So I started looking and, luckily enough, I quickly stumbled upon a device that could compete with a fresh new product from Apple.

This is, of course, the Galaxy S10e. After all, it costs the same as the new iPhone SE, and, like it, claims to be the flagship, albeit the former one. Yes, I understand that this year the Galaxy S10e is already a year old, which means that its hardware is no longer the most advanced. On the other hand, do not forget that its hardware is still quite powerful, and the A13 Bionic processor, which Apple equips iPhone SE 2020, was also released last year. Therefore, technically, the Snapdragon 855 processor can be considered an analogue of the A13. But that's not the only advantage of the Galaxy S10e.

Why is Galaxy S10e better iPhone SE 2020

I found a cool analogue iPhone SE 2020. It works on Android

The Galaxy S10e is pretty inexpensive. At least for the flagship

  • The Galaxy S10e has a 5.8-inch screen, not 4.7;
  • The Galaxy S10e has 6GB of RAM, not 3
  • The Galaxy S10e has two cameras, not one;
  • The Galaxy S10e has 5 color options, not 3;
  • Galaxy S10e has a screen Full HD +, not HD.

But the iPhone SE 2020 is appreciated not only for its performance, but also for its compact size. And what about the Galaxy S10e? After all, it is clear that the 5.8-inch screen cannot fit into a small case. But, as it turned out, it can. See for yourself. Galaxy S10e is 69.9mm wide, 142.2mm high and 7.9mm thick, while iPhone SE 2020 has 67.3mm, 138.4mm, 7.3mm mm. That is, the width of last year's flagship Samsung is almost 2 mm larger than the new one iPhone, and only 4 mm in height. the difference is not very significant, agree? But what do you get in return?

The 5.8-inch display, which is 1.1 inches larger than the iPhone SE 2020, will give you more options in a wide variety of use cases. It is more convenient to play on such a screen, watch videos, read and even correspond. After all, you must admit, it is much easier to hit the big keys with your finger than the small ones. And the price for all this is an additional 2-4 mm on each side. In my opinion, this is a worthy sacrifice, which can only be called a victim with a stretch, and therefore, if you are looking for something to replace iPhone SE 2020 with Android, feel free to take Galaxy S10e while it is still on sale.

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