How to use your smartphone as a compass?

Smartphone as a compass Smartphone owners probably know about their extensive functionality. They contain many useful tools for everyday work. Smartphones can replace individual devices such as a camera, radio, alarm clock, flashlight, voice recorder, etc. The compass is also included in this list. There is a tiny magnet inside your “pocket computer” that rotates on an axis and points to the North Pole.

A joke? In fact, the compass in tablets and smartphones works with a sensor called a magnetometer. It is used to measure the strength and direction of magnetic fields. By analyzing the Earth's magnetic fields, the sensor accurately determines the orientation of the smartphone in space.

Does your smartphone have a magnetometer? Probably yes. Even if you have an old or cheap device. There are many magnetometer applications that display a digital compass on the screen.

Some manufacturers include the Compass app by default. Samsung has a Quick Tools sidebar with a compass widget on it. Huawei offers a separate application called Compass. If you are not sure whether you have such an application on your device or not, you need to search. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Google search bar on the home screen and type the word “compass”. You can also look in the search bar in the list of applications, if there is one.

On the clean version Android there is no compass, but the store has a fairly wide selection.
For example, Smart Compass program. After that, you will not need any other compass applications. But before you can use the app effectively, you need to calibrate your smartphone's magnetic sensor. The app will remind you to do this.

Smart Compass

To calibrate the phone magnetometer, after starting Smart Compass, hold the device and move with it in different directions. A few spins should be enough. During calibration, make sure you are away from computers, fans, routers, and other electronics that might interfere with the setup. Metal is also not conducive to precision, so it is advisable to remove all rings and jewelry.

The Smart Compass will then point north fairly accurately. He should also activate the camera, the compass will be placed over the video. What for? If you hold the unit vertically, the crosshairs will point in the direction you want. You can turn off the camera in the settings if you want to save energy. If you like the app, you can support the developer by purchasing the Pro version. It adds a speedometer and the ability to send GPS coordinates via email and SMS.

If you prefer a more modern look, there is a black and white Compass by R. Apps, although it has more limited functionality.

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