Why won't I buy the first Android – smartphone from Microsoft

I don’t know about you, but it’s very difficult for me to choose a new smartphone. Not that I do it very often, but if and when such a need arises, I invariably find myself at a dead end. The thing is that I hate trivialities, and the design of most modern devices can be described with just this word. Therefore, every time something atypical enters the market, I begin to closely monitor the new product, assessing its capabilities, prospects and justification for the acquisition. At first, I looked closely at the Surface Duo from Microsoft, and then suddenly changed my mind. Why do you think?

Why won't I buy the first Android - smartphone from Microsoft

Surface Duo flops before release

Despite the fact that I am not very fond of numbers and benchmarks, nevertheless, when purchasing a new smartphone, I want the purchase to be more or less consistent with the time. That is, no matter how much I liked the first Google Pixel, I understand that I will not be able to use it for its intended purpose in modern realities. Therefore, I think you will understand my disappointment with the characteristics of Surface Duo, which Microsoft decided to equip it with last year's hardware for some unknown reason, and even deprived some of the very important functions like contactless payment.

Specifications Microsoft Duo

Why won't I buy the first Android - smartphone from Microsoft

A smartphone with a dual display is already a very specific story, and even with an old processor, even more so

  • Processor: Snapdragon 855
  • Memory: 6/64, 6/256
  • Battery: 3460mAh
  • Display: AMOLED 5.6 inches (each)
  • Camera: 11 MP

As you can see, the Surface Duo's specs are pretty mediocre. Neither last year's processor, nor 6 GB of RAM, which today are the norm for any state employee, nor even a single 11 megapixel camera clearly contribute to the fact that the first Android – smartphone Microsoft is considered as priority device. Indeed, by the time it comes out (and the release date Microsoft has not yet been appointed), a more productive chip may appear on the market, and 12 and 16 GB can become the standard of RAM, not to mention camera, which consists of only one module.

I understand why Microsoft decided to release a new smartphone with old hardware. The fact is that the company presented it last year, when the Snapdragon 855 was indeed the most powerful serial processor available to device manufacturers at Android. However Microsoft was unable to immediately bring her new product to the market, but was forced to send it for additional testing and debugging. Still, two screens and a foldable design require a special approach. However, this played a cruel joke with Microsoft, actually making her a hostage of last year's hardware, because if she decided to equip the smartphone with a new one, she would have to go through all the testing circles again and delay the release even further.

Should you buy a Surface Duo

Why won't I buy the first Android - smartphone from Microsoft

Surface Duo could be a potentially interesting device if Microsoft released it immediately after the announcement

It’s clear to me that Microsoft has lost the battle for the smartphone market without even really entering it. Putting on sale a new and obviously expensive smartphone with outdated hardware is not something that can help a manufacturer secure even a small audience of users. After all, if there are truly new devices on the market, the consumer will prefer them, even if they theoretically have less potential and look far from so attractive.

In this situation Microsoft reminds me very much of Nokia. She also put on sale the flagship Nokia 9 with outdated hardware at one time, but she did not hesitate to set a completely horse price for it. Needless to say, the device, despite the incredible five-module camera by the standards of that time, turned out to be of no interest to anyone. Even the brand's recognition and cult status did not allow the new product to be sold in any decent amount. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that Microsoft in the very near future will either switch to state employees, as Nokia did in order to stay on the market, or will leave it altogether.

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