How to use WhatsApp on Android from two numbers at once

Despite the fact that just a few years ago, smartphones with two SIM cards were practically absent on the market, over time they have become the perfect norm. Thanks to the ability to use two numbers, millions of users were able to separate private and public life, using one SIM card to solve personal issues, and another for workers. But the life of a modern person is not limited to phone calls only. Many people communicate exclusively through instant messengers, but at the same time they are not able to use two accounts independent of each other. Here's how to get around this limitation.

How to use WhatsApp on Android from two numbers at once

Have two SIM cards and only one WhatsApp? Not order

First you need to install a second WhatsApp. Somewhere it is quite simple to do, but somewhere more difficult. Some manufacturers add the ability to duplicate the same applications to the firmware of their smartphones. If memory serves me right, these are Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Asus. Perhaps, if there are others, but I do not know anything about them. We will analyze cloning using the example of my Honor View 20, which supports this function.

How to create a WhatsApp clone on Android

  • Go to 'Settings' and open the 'Applications' section;
  • Here find the 'Clone Application' tab and launch it;

How to use WhatsApp on Android from two numbers at once

Many smartphones allow WhatsApp to run twice

  • In the window that opens, find the WhatsApp application and enable the duplicate function;
  • After that, a second WhatsApp will appear on the desktop, where you can log in from another number and use it as an alternative.

However, if your smartphone does not support app duplication by default, you can use a third-party utility that serves the same purpose. In fact, there are quite a few programs that create a copy of already installed applications and allow you to run them separately from the main one. However, I chose DualSpace because of its simplicity and convenience. It is implemented as a folder where you can add clones of all installed applications. That is, in fact, a virtual area is created on the device, from which copies of third-party or standard software are launched.

How to install second WhatsApp to Android

  • Download DualSpace from Google Play to your smartphone;
  • Run it and grant the required privileges;

How to use WhatsApp on Android from two numbers at once

If your smartphone cannot duplicate applications by default, download a special utility

  • In the window that opens, click '+' and create a WhatsApp clone;
  • Launch WhatsApp and log in with a new number.

By default, DualSpace is free, but you can purchase a paid version if you want. It allows you to create several accounts even within the virtual space in order to be able to quickly switch between them and have access to several clones of applications, and also removes all ads, which personally seemed to me completely unobtrusive during the use of DualSpace. However, if you are not interested in these benefits, I see no reason to pay.

How to use WhatsApp on Android from two numbers at once

App duplication is a completely commonplace feature that many have not even heard of

Yes, everything is really very simple. Now, to access the WhatsApp clone, you need to open the DualSpace folder and launch the messenger from there. After you go through authorization in it, you will no longer need to do this again every time you start. In this case, notifications will come in the same way, both from the main application and the duplicated one, appearing in the notification shade. You just have to behave carefully enough so as not to confuse the addressees and not send a message 'by'.

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