Google urges Edge users to switch to Chrome

What is allowed to Jupiter, not allowed to the bull, says the famous Latin dictum, and perfectly characterizes the relationship between commercial enterprises. If small companies, having quarreled with former partners, simply cannot afford to continue to cooperate with them, then large companies usually do not even face this issue. Therefore, it is not unusual that Apple continued to buy batteries and displays from Samsung for its iPhone even during litigation, while Google, although it cooperates with Microsoft, but strongly recommends that Edge users switch to Chrome.

Google urges Edge users to switch to Chrome

Microsoft Edge looks a lot like Chrome and annoys Google

This week, users of the Edge browser from Microsoft noticed that Google has built in all its online services notifications advising to switch to Chrome. The offer can appear both during the authorization process and as an independent banner that pops up right in the interface regardless of what actions are being performed at the moment. However, users of other browsers do not receive such offers. In any case, neither Safari nor Yandex Browser has them at the time of publication.

Why is Chrome better Microsoft Edge

Google urges Edge users to switch to Chrome

Google thinks Chrome is a better choice than Edge

To improve the effectiveness of this – obviously advertising – campaign, Google decided that it was not enough to simply recommend that users of a competing browser ditch it in favor of a branded one. Therefore, the company tried to take into account all the advantages of Chrome over Edge and talk about them in notifications so that it is both short and useful at the same time. Now, whenever Edge users open Google Docs, they will receive a recommendation to switch to Chrome, because offline mode is available there, and when they use Google Translate, they will see an offer to install Chrome and use the built-in translator.

Of course, these notifications do no harm to users, and Google itself has every right to promote some of its services through others. But on the other hand, it’s rather unusual to realize that all this advertising is aimed exclusively at those who use Edge without affecting others at all. This suggests that the search giant does feel some kind of threat to its well-being that stems from the competitiveness of the browser Microsoft.

Google Chrome problems

Does Google have real reasons for concern? Well, it seems to me that at least you shouldn't relax. After all, Edge is not only built on the basis of the same engine as Chrome, but, in fact, has a rather close appearance and functionality to its prototype, which for some users may be the main reason for switching to competitors. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Edge belongs to Microsoft, which has access to a huge audience of users. This means that the matter remains small. Provided a competent promotion strategy, Edge runs the risk of grabbing a fair share of the browser market, which Google, which has remained the absolute leader for many years, is completely unnecessary.

Personally, I have a long history of using Chrome and I am totally unhappy with how inefficiently it allocates computer resources. Despite the fact that I have no complaints about the use of RAM, I periodically notice how it heavily loads the processor of my MacBook Air and provokes the inclusion of the cooling system, the noise of which is very annoying and interferes with quiet use. So if I knew for sure that Microsoft was able to overcome this flaw, perhaps I would have switched to Edge myself if I had used Safari as my primary browser.

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