How to use Android to solve math problems and more

I think everyone has heard that computers are machines that can solve the most complex problems. But now I know what problems were discussed, and as a child it seemed to me that you could slip a math problem on a computer and make it solve it. True, I did not understand how to do this and tried in every possible way to find out so as not to do my homework myself. But, as you understand, I failed to do this, but modern children have such an opportunity, and for this one smartphone will be enough.

How to use Android to solve math problems and more

Your smartphone can solve tasks for you

Google has begun rolling out an update for Google Lens, adding support for a new mode called Homework. In this mode, the service recognizes and solves mathematical problems. You just need to point the camera lens at an example, scan it and get a ready-made solution in one of several ways. Of course, the 'Google Lens' logic problem will not solve you, because it does not look for a ready-made result on the Internet, but the quadratic equation is easy. In this case, the service will give not only an answer, but also describe the solution.

How to solve a quadratic equation

  • Launch 'Google Lens' and turn on Homework mode;
  • Point the camera lens at the task and wait for recognition;

How to use Android to solve math problems and more

Google Lens really solves the problem

  • Choose a solution: by a general formula or factoring;
  • Rewrite the finished solution in a notebook and submit it for verification.

As you can see, everything is very simple. Another thing is that the range of tasks that Google Lens can solve is still very limited. For example, he cannot cope with tasks in chemistry, and also poorly understands how to build solutions to children's problems, the conditions in which are set by the text. That is, the service will not solve the problem of the format 'Vanya had 3 apples', although it would seem that it could be simpler? But quadratic equations are the strong point of the 'Lens'. He solves them in several ways and offers his own solution for each.

How to search for answers to problems

But, if you have not yet reached quadratic equations, or, on the contrary, have already surpassed them, and you don’t want to do your homework yourself, you can use a more universal application from Google that will do everything for you. It is called Socratic and allows you to take a picture of an assignment in any subject (well, almost) and find the answer to them. Unlike 'Lens', Socratic simply searches the Internet for the answer, rather than picking a solution on its own. This allows you to seriously expand the range of tasks with the solution of which he can help, but he is not immune from possible mistakes.

  • Download Socratic from Google Play to your smartphone;
  • Give him access to the camera and take a picture of the task;

How to use Android to solve math problems and more

Socratic looks for answers to the questions posed, but, as a rule, finds the right ones

  • Wait for the service to find answers;
  • Select a web resource that explains the solution and copy the answer in your notebook.

Keep in mind that Socratic is not translated into Russian, so it will best be given problems with calculations. Despite this, he can solve problems in biology, and in physics, and in chemistry, finding answers to questions from tests and tests. In principle, I was able to find answers for problems in literature, but I was able to assess their relevance only thanks to my own knowledge. But if everything is really bad with your literature, it is possible that you will simply stumble upon an erroneous answer and get a well-deserved two.

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