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Google, like any other company that is interested in the success of its product, tries to provide it with some special functions. Not without them, and the Google Pixel. These features included Google Camera and even Google Phone at various times. Now it's time to let the bird out of the cage and Google is ready to share its creation. This is good in itself, but in addition to this, the application will receive the “verified calls” feature, which will allow you to effectively deal with unwanted calls. It remains only to understand how it will all work and on which smartphones this application can be installed. We'll enjoy it later, but for now let's see what this is all about.


Suspicious calls are received by users more and more often, and unfortunately there is no getting away from it.

Google Phone

Google apps are really in high demand among users. The reason for this is very simple – over time, even the strangest of them began to work quickly, simply and efficiently. And also, since Google is literally everything in the modern world (whether it is good or bad, we will discuss it in a separate article), its applications integrate perfectly with our life.

Last year, Google launched verified SMS in messages for Android to reduce spam. The Google Phone app now supports Verified Calls as the dialer is officially available for many other non-Pixel devices.

If there are people who do not encounter telephone spam, there are slightly more than zero. All due to the fact that this method of unwanted advertising has now become the most relevant and convenient for advertisers. Let no one listen to them, but they find their client. And don't forget about scammers who call people in order to get hold of their money or valuable data in one way or another.

Goog pixel 3a xl

An important feature will not only work on 'pixels'.

Phone spam

All this leads to the fact that people often simply do not answer calls from unknown numbers and because of this they often miss important calls. Google not only thinks this is bad, but also worries about stores that really need to get through to you. This is the meaning of the function that will be used in users' smartphones.

'Confirmed Calls' is a Google solution where users see a blue shield icon with a checkmark, company name, logo, and number. This is already enough for users to understand whether it is worth answering, but besides this, there will be another mark that will contain the reason for the call. Such reasons may include the need to confirm a transaction, food delivery, or a change in departure time for travelers.

This affects not only the comfort of subscribers, but also their safety. For example, banks can increase the number of responses when they call to talk about a fraudulent scheme or attempted attacks on a customer's bank account. I'm talking about exactly those cases when banks call, and not fraudsters posing as bank employees. They just can't get through to you so easily.

How not to miss an important call

I missed important calls from the car service a couple of times when I ordered some rare spare part and then forgot about it. Especially when several days passed and the period was especially rich in spammers. To cope with this, special applications, such as a determinant from Yandex or Kaspersky, helped. They also give the answer to the question of who is calling you. Moreover, in the phone from Yandex, which failed to go anywhere, this function was at the system level. Now everything will be easier and a similar function should work normally as a native tool in smartphones on Android.

Phone call

With such a person, we politely (or not) end the conversation with spammers.

Google will take care of whether the caller is a spammer. She will check it against the database of numbers and will warn you in case of a potentially unpleasant situation. This feature “significantly increases the number of replies,” the company said, as with the verified SMS.

This, in turn, helps to lower business costs for those who provide services or sell goods and make the lives of ordinary users more comfortable.

Confirmed calls on the Google Phone app are being rolled out first in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India. Other countries will follow. It is difficult to say when such a system will start working in Russia, but sooner or later it must happen. The company even launched a special page where companies interested in cooperating with this service could receive additional information regarding participation in the project.

Meanwhile, Google is officially launching the Phone app on many other non-Pixel devices. The app is already available for certain devices in some countries, and users can download it on Google Play. It is already preinstalled on Android One and Go devices. In the near future, the launch will be limited to some devices running Android 9 Pie and above. This includes flagships from Samsung and LG.

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