Zoom, move over! Will Google Become the Leader in Video Conferencing

Over the past few months, overshadowed by the novel coronavirus pandemic, people are really using video calling on a massive scale. Someone did it at work, someone in order to “meet” with friends and family, and someone was just bored in quarantine and they decided to sort out this issue and try to understand what videoconference is and how it works . As a result, we saw an unprecedented increase in the number of users of thematic services, for example, the same Zoom. Perhaps Google missed the moment a little, but now it also decided to catch up and actively promote its video calling service. Let's figure out what it is called, where to download the application and whether it has a future.

Zoom, move over!  Will Google Become the Leader in Video Conferencing

Zoom and Meet will be hot soon.

Google recently announced that Google Meet, a young video conferencing platform, will be included in the Gmail app for devices Android and iOS. Thus, the Gmail application will be divided into two interfaces: Gmail itself and Google Meet.

Gmail is one of the rare apps that boasts over 5 billion installs from the Google Play store alone. This means that billions Android devices worldwide will soon have Google Meet. While this service is not available even in all countries of the world. However, unlike the Google Pixel sales, such limitations can be easily explained here.

With that said, there is little doubt that it will be Google that will be able to capture a fair share of the market and very much squeeze Zoom, Skype and other market players.

At the moment, Google, unlike the same Microsoft, was left without a proper platform for group video conferencing. Only about a month ago, an active promotion of developments designed to close this gap began.

In just a few days since Google Meet appeared in the app store, it has already been downloaded about 50 million times. This in itself is an outstanding result. At the same time, the rating of the application fluctuated around the mark of 3.9 out of 5. Therefore, while Zoom is far ahead. It has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play alone. The number of downloads on iOS and other platforms, including computers, is several times higher than that of Google Meet, but it's too early to say that it will be unrealistic to catch up with Zoom, because this is Google. But even such a large company will still need to act as quickly as possible in order to increase its chances of success.

Zoom, move over!  Will Google Become the Leader in Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a real trend.

To be successful in releasing a new service or application, it is not enough just to do something good. It is necessary to ensure that everyone knows about this. There is no need to wait for users to tell each other about Google Meet, and you need to act more aggressively. Apparently, this is what Google did when it decided that it should declare war on the current leaders. Gmail is perfect for this. There is simply no better platform for promotion. Moreover, the focus of the services is similar. This is especially useful for those who use the Gmail mail service for work.

Many conferences are collected using a link that is sent to the user's mail so that he can open it and join the conversation. If it is within the same system, it will become even more convenient action. There is, of course, sending links through calendar services, but here Google also has it all.

An additional way to promote the service will be Gmail recommendations. When you write your letter, you may be very natively prompted to insert a link to a video conference. As they say, why not.

As you can see, it is the presence of the world's most popular mail service in the world that most of all contributes to the promotion of the new video call service. So users will be intercepted right away at the moment of making decisions, when they are just preparing to organize a meeting, and they are told: “Well, this Zoom! Here's a much more convenient way. ” It is this work, which is called “one click”, and will make Google Meet the most popular remote communication service. I have almost no doubt about it.

Zoom, move over!  Will Google Become the Leader in Video Conferencing

Google will soon be on top with its Meet.

Sometimes Google finds ways to make life as easy as possible, and the example we are discussing today shows this very well. I have already said above that the most important thing is the user's awareness that a new product has been prepared for him. Just imagine what circles of hell Google would have to go through in order to negotiate with smartphone manufacturers and get them to install a new application as the base software. Many would even give it up altogether. And this despite the fact that Google has at least some influence due to the fact that in 75% of smartphones in the world it is Google services and in general Android that are the main thing on board. The example Huawei, who was deprived of this privilege, once again proved this.

Having rolled out the Gmail update, the company doesn't even have to bother negotiating with other companies. Everything will come by itself to devices of almost all manufacturers Android – smartphones in the world with updates. It couldn't be easier!

As a result, it is very pleasant that there is an alternative to the buggy and insecure Zoom, which was simply not ready for its popularity. Now we can use a much more native Google. The main thing is that the company should spend as much energy on development as on promoting Google Meet. If everything goes well with this, then we will have another “must-have” service from the search giant, which we will use.

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