Five reasons why I like clean Android

Users are constantly debating which operating system shell is better. Sometimes you can even find a split of preference between the two types of skins at the level of separation between iOS and Android. In such cases, people are simply not ready to accept someone else's position and very actively resist the opinion of another, although in general there is almost no big difference between the casings of different manufacturers. But the clean Android is very different from them, which I like much more than almost any shell. Today I want to share five reasons why I prefer pure or naked Android to all other green robot options.

Five reasons why I like clean Android

Clean Android is much better than shells.

Updates Android

When manufacturers start building their skins, they find it much more difficult when it comes to updates. You must first adapt the shell for the new version Android and only then roll out updates for your users' smartphones.

Carrying out these works sometimes becomes so difficult that the manufacturer simply “scores” on them and does nothing to ensure that smartphones, which were not sold very much, have up-to-date software. Even security updates are sometimes delayed and users simply do not receive them in time.

Some manufacturers even speculate on this to get people to buy new models. To do this, it is enough to show a new smartphone, which will be somewhat better, and it will also have new software features that could be added to old models through a software update, but no one needs it.

Unnecessary programs on your phone

Many manufacturers … Why are there many? All! They love to stuff their shell with all sorts of unnecessary software. When they say that they have their own editors for everything, as well as applications for entertainment, it looks beautiful, but in fact it is much easier to use services from Google or recognized world studios.

Five reasons why I like clean Android

Not all manufacturers give us a clean Android. Those who don’t overload their devices with unnecessary software.

And many also like to install partner apps, which do not benefit anyone at all, except for the phone manufacturer, which received money or profitable partnerships for it. The worst thing is that not all of these applications can be removed, although sometimes you really want to.

My “favorite” of these applications is branded browsers, which the devil knows to whom they transfer user data. And okay, only if Google uses this to offer targeted advertising – but often the data goes to no one knows where. Recently she was caught for this Xiaomi.

Smartphones with clean Android have none of this. Sometimes manufacturers can install a couple of applications, but this does not load the phone's memory and the user's mind. You can put up with this and coexist in one reality.

Working with Google services

And sometimes some shells do not have the ability to work with part or in rare cases with all Google services. In this case, you have to go round and round and try to return the functionality you should have by right of ownership Android.

Five reasons why I like clean Android

Shells are not always bad, but better without them.

This will be especially true for those users who are accustomed to the same applications on a smartphone and another device, be it a PC, tablet or another smartphone. This applies to all devices on a clean Android, including devices released under the Android One program.

Increase the speed of your smartphone

An important component of clean Android is its performance. Even on an inexpensive, weak smartphone, it will work quite smoothly, in contrast to the shells, which sometimes can issue freezes on flagships. Now this has become a rarity, but sometimes even productivity does not help to fix the situation.

This is due to the fact that Android is quite well optimized, and the shells can be overloaded with graphic elements, services, or simply be insufficiently developed. As a result: lack of RAM, CPU overload and slowing down applications.

Familiar interface

What I have always appreciated about iOS is that when you switch from one phone to another, you get new features, but the main interface has a clear sequence.

Five reasons why I like clean Android

You turn on your phone and you know how everything will look like.

So it is in pure Android. The basic style changes from version to version and at the same time retains its idea. And most importantly, the whole system looks very monolithic. Everything in it is collected and adjusted to each other. There is no such thing that one menu is made in the corporate style of the manufacturer, while the other is either forgotten or scored, but as a result everything looks very different. This is especially true for the phone menu and applications.

It is also very annoying when part of the interface is made in the corporate flat style, and part is almost in skeuomorphism. Someone gets used to such a slapdash, but it only starts to infuriate me more every time.

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