How do I send an emergency message?

SOS emergency message A very useful function in a smartphone – in case of force majeure or some dangerous situation, you can discreetly send an emergency message to relatives or friends. The message contains information about your approximate location and a description of the area, about the people around you. You can send a message to selected contacts in your notebook in case of an emergency. Please note, the recipients must be determined in advance.

The Emergency Messages function can be used along with SOS 911.

The information conveyed in the message may not always be accurate. It depends on the connection to the network, the availability of information transmitted via GPS, Wi-Fi channels, the operating mode and technical condition of your phone or smartphone of the contact person, and the battery charge level. In this case, the recipient's phone must be turned on and in good working order.

To install, go to Settings – Additional. functions – Emergency messages. Move the switch to the On position – we will be prompted to add a message recipient.

Add recipient

You can add 4 contacts in total. Then you can edit the recipient list.

Recipient list

  • Attach images. You can add photos captured discreetly to the front or back camera of your phone.
  • Audio attachment. 5 second audio recording can be added

Emergency message

Press the Power key three times quickly to send a quick alert to emergency contacts in an emergency.

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