Common OnePlus 6T problems and solutions

OnePlus 6T Smartphone The OnePlus 6T smartphone was one of the best in 2018. The device has the flagship Snapdragon 845 processor and up to 8 GB of memory. It also has a modern look and a small teardrop cutout. However, even he is not perfect. Since its appearance in November, there is more and more information on the network about various problems in the operation of this device.

Fortunately, many of them are fairly easy to solve. Let's take a look at the most common problems and what to do about them.

Poor audio quality on Snapchat and WhatsApp

It is reported that the OnePlus 6T has microphone problems. The sound through it is tinny and seems distant in third-party apps, which include Snapchat and WhatsApp. It looks like the device is using the wrong microphone, which is mainly needed for noise cancellation.

Not all third-party applications are affected, only a few. Fortunately, this is a software issue, so you can look forward to an update.

Solution to the problem:

  • Do not use affected applications.
  • Update your smartphone to the latest version of the operating system. Go to Settings> System> System Updates> Check for Updates. You can see the build number under “Settings”> “About phone”> “Build number”. You can also check the update on the OnePlus website.

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Increased energy consumption

Some users complain about the fast battery drain. The 3700 mAh battery should be enough for a full day of work or close to that, but for some people the device runs out in the evening.

This problem also does not have a software solution. Some people think that a factory reset will help.

Solution to the problem:

  • Wait for the software update to be released.
  • A factory reset will delete all data on your smartphone. You need to back up, then open “Settings”> “System” and> “Factory data reset”> “Erase all data”. You will need to enter a pin code.
  • If you are using your phone in cold weather, use the following tips.

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Google Play certificate not working due to update

Users of some mobile operators in Europe and the United States cannot access and download programs from the Google Play store.

Solution to the problem:

  • Press and hold on the store icon on the home screen, then tap “App Information”. Select the “Storage” section and click “Clear storage”.
  • Update your device to the latest software.

If you noticed any more bugs and problems in the operation of OnePlus smartphones, write in the comments – together we will try to solve them.

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