What to do if WhatsApp stopped working

Recently, there have been more cases when users complain about the incorrect work of WhatsApp. For some, the service slows down, while others generally say that the application simply does not start. Last week there were global problems, and just yesterday, users of some countries complained that the system was working incorrectly again. Is there anything you can do about it? There are some simple step-by-step guidelines to help you solve the problem. If the steps above do not work, then the problem is much more serious than it initially seemed. In this case, you just have to wait. So let's try.

What to do if WhatsApp stopped working

When WhatsApp is not working, you can often solve it yourself, but sometimes the problems are deeper and are solved by the company's specialists.

Why does not work watsap

This messaging service was very stable at one time, but it has been recently that problems have become more frequent. Perhaps this is due to the fact that WhatsApp is trying to introduce new services around the world. Among them are payment (in some countries), and the ability to work on multiple devices, which is still in the project.

Any innovation can break what was. Therefore, innovations should be treated with caution, but still, often it is the update that is the solution to the problem with the poor performance of the most popular messenger in the world.

What to do if WhatsApp doesn't work

In this article I will provide five simple steps, one of which can most likely help. If you have any other tips that might help, write about it in our Telegram chat. In the meantime, let's point by point.

Why messenger doesn't work

First, you need to localize the problem and understand why the service is not working. First of all, check if the problem is local, and the service does not work only for you, or if the reasons are much larger.

You can check this by visiting one of the websites that report if WhatsApp is down and in which countries. You can check it out on one of these links: one, two, three, or four.

If one (or all) of the sites claim that the service is not available in your country, there is nothing you can do other than wait for WhatsApp to fix the problem. Unfortunately, blackouts are common for WhatsApp, as well as other popular services including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

What to do if WhatsApp stopped working

Sometimes any messengers and social networks freeze, not just WhatsApp.

Internet does not work

This advice may seem like “have you tried restarting?”, But it still often leads to problem solving. Just check if your device is connected to the internet.

Try opening some page in your browser. If everything is ok, go ahead, if not, try to revive the connection. When you are using the Internet via a mobile network, try restarting the communication module by turning on airplane mode for a few seconds and turning it off after that. You can also solve the problem with Wi-Fi or fix the problem using the recommendations from our article.

What to do if WhatsApp stopped working

When your favorite messenger doesn't work, it's a problem.

Force clearing the application cache

If the first two steps do not work, you should try to force clear the cache. This will get rid of the temporary files stored by the application.

To clear your cache, go to your device settings and click on Apps. Then scroll down until you find WhatsApp, open it and then hit the force stop button at the top.

To clear the cache, tap the Storage option and then select the Clear cache option. Once that's done, launch WhatsApp and check if it works as it should now. If not, let's move on.

Updating WhatsApp

Sometimes problems in the operation of the application can be associated with errors in the application itself. The solution to this problem may be to update the application.

To do this, go to Google Play, find My Apps & Games in the menu, and then tap Update next to WhatsApp if an update is available.

If there are no updates, you can try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Everything is simple here. Keep your finger on the application icon, drag it to the trash that appears, then go to Google Play and download WhatsApp again. You can also uninstall the application by going to the settings and going to “Applications”.

What to do if WhatsApp stopped working

WhatsApp? how any technology can fail.

Disable VPN

Most likely, you have already been able to fix the problem by using one of the points above. If not, you can try to simply turn off the VPN.

VPNs often help a lot. They allow you to hide your online identity, bypass the regional restrictions of services like Netflix, and access WhatsApp in countries where it is not available (yes, there is one). However, VPN can also be the reason why WhatsApp is not working in your case.

Sometimes this does not affect the entire operation of the application, but its individual parts. For example, audio calls through the app may stop working. So, if you have VPN turned on when trying to access WhatsApp, just turn it off to see if that solves your problem.

It is at the first stage that the largest number of problems are solved, since global problems are encountered more often than others. If not, then the rest of the steps should help you.

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