Why the future belongs to tablets, not laptops

Not so long ago, our colleagues from Apple Insider.ru compared a laptop from Razer and a new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Laptops offer amazing performance, but not great portability. Let's be honest, such devices are not very convenient to use for watching videos and surfing the Internet, even with thin frames and a thin body. Therefore, in my opinion, tablets will come to replace them.

Why the future belongs to tablets, not laptops

Do you need a laptop if you have a tablet?

There are some changes in the tablet market right now. If earlier we were offered an interface poorly adapted for a large diagonal, today manufacturers are increasingly thinking about this issue. Let's take a look at the most modern Android – the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. We will not focus on its performance, but will focus on one important point – you can buy an official keyboard cover for it, and the DeX mode is built into the system, in which the interface adapts to the desktop format. I managed to use the device in this format, and the only thing I would find fault with is the DPI of the screen. Icons and all elements in this mode seem too small. You literally have to peer and strain your eyes to understand what is on the screen.

However, the very fact that the device can be used as a full-fledged laptop, of course, pleases. The same goes for the Google Pixel Slate . This tablet also supports the official keyboard and has an interface adapted for use in a laptop format.

In addition, a flexible tablet was shown at CES 2020, which can be used both as a full-fledged display in a compartment with a Bluetooth – keyboard, and as a laptop if the screen is in a half-closed state. In any case, the decision looks interesting and suggests some thoughts about the future of the laptop and tablet market.

Why the future belongs to tablets, not laptops

Flexible Tablet Lenovo

And he will be just like that. Most likely, companies will continue to produce laptops with built-in physical keyboards just for the sake of a tick. In the future, the main share will be occupied by tablets, which can be transformed into full-fledged laptops. It is worth noting that for the first time such a concept was proposed by the company Microsoft, which introduced the Surface tablet line at Windows 10.

Tablets are more convenient

Why the future belongs to tablets, not laptops

Google Pixel Slate

But why is this necessary at all? Why should we use tablets in our professional activities? Of course, until the end the market will not be able to switch to them for one simple reason – you cannot install Linux and MacOS. An exception may be solutions on Chrome OS – you can put on them Linux. But what to do with MacOS or Android? In my opinion, attempts Apple to adapt iOS for tablets are in vain, because I don't see the future of such a solution. In my opinion, it would be much more correct to make a full-fledged MacOS system capable of working both on tablets and laptops. Apple by analogy with Windows it is worth implementing a special tablet mode. This will make iPad a much more attractive solution for everyone, including those who use a MacBook in their professional work.

Why is it convenient? Think for yourself, right now you can use Pixel Slate lying on your bed and flipping through the pages of various sites, at the same time you can connect a keyboard to your tablet and start working with documents. This makes such a solution extremely unique, in my opinion.

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