How to turn on the phone without the power button?

Turn on Android phone The power button on the phone is one of the most important and frequently used external elements. Depending on the phone model, it can be located on the edge of the case, on the top or on the back.

Even the most reliable smartphones are not immune to breakage of the power key, which causes certain inconveniences in use. However, this does not mean at all that the device should be immediately taken to a service center.

How to use a phone without a power button?

Depending on the state of your smartphone, you can use different methods.

The simplest option is a locked phone with a charged battery:

  • Connect the device to the power cord. During charging, the screen is activated and allows you to work with the device.
  • Download the dedicated app. The store offers a lot of program options that allow you to expand the functionality of the screen.

Always On Amoled. The application allows you to keep the smartphone screen active even after being locked. It is enough to tap the screen a couple of times and it will unlock. The program is designed for devices with Amoled screens, but works on most common devices.

Always On AMOLED Always On AMOLED Download QR-Code Always On AMOLED Developer: Tomer Rosenfeld Price: Free

AC Display.The program not only displays notifications on the screen, but also allows you to set the activation option when you take it out of your pocket or bag. Activate the phone's ability to turn on the screen when changing position in space.

Activation is made from the settings menu in the 'gestures' item. When activated, the screen will light up every time the device is lifted from a horizontal surface such as a table.

Setting up gestures on your phone

AcDisplay  AcDisplay Download QR-Code AcDisplay Developer: Artem Chepurnoy Price: Free

You can install an application that activates the screen when you move or by shaking your smartphone.

Gravity screen – On / Off. The program performs the same function as the activation of gestures and is intended for devices equipped with an accelerometer.

Gravity Screen

Gravity Screen - On / Off Gravity Screen - On / Off Download QR-Code Gravity Screen – On / Off Developer: Plexnor Price: Free

Or you can install a program that allows you to activate the screen by double tapping – Double Tap Screen On and Off . The program allows you to activate or lock the smartphone screen with a double tap.

Double Tap Screen On and Off Double Tap Screen On and Off Download QR-Code Double Tap Screen On and Off Developer: Kimcy929 Price: Free back to content

How do I move the power button to volume?

The program Power Button to Volume Button will help us with this.

Power Button to Volume Button

The program allows you to use the volume up button to lock the screen (instead of the Power button).

Power Button to Volume Button Power Button to Volume Button Download QR-Code Power Button to Volume Button Developer: TeliApp Price: Free to Content

How to turn on / off the phone without the power button?

If the battery of the device is discharged, or the device is turned off, but it is not possible to use the power button, then you can try the following actions:

  • Connect the phone / tablet to the charger, and hold down the volume button while the device boots. This will make it possible to immediately activate the screen after activating the system. Or the Recovery menu will load – select the 'backup and restore' item – the phone will reboot.
  • Launching the device via ADB. This operation is suitable for confident users. The smartphone must have USB debugging enabled. The feature is activated from the developer settings menu.

USB debugging

  • On the computer, you need to install Android – SDK in the root directory.
  • Connect smartphone to PC via cable.
  • Open the command line on the computer (Start -> cmd) and register the adb reboot task, then press enter. The smartphone should reboot and work normally.

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Replacing the power button

To fix the problem with the power key, you need to replace either the button itself or the electronic key on the internal board that transmits the signal.

Replacing the outer element can help if the element falls out of the housing, cracks or has a cavity in its base where the stiffeners break. The procedure is available only if the user can independently disassemble the device case. To carry it out, you must have a similar physical key from a donor device or purchased in a store. It is enough to disassemble the case and install the button in the corresponding grooves.

If the problem lies in the electronic component, or the body of the smartphone does not understand at home, then it is better to contact a specialist.

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