This is the first video review of the affordable Google Pixel 4a. How do you like it?

Rumors of a possible launch of the affordable Google Pixel 4a have proven to be true. Despite the fact that until today we had only renders of the future novelty and leaks of a dubious degree of reliability, now we can personally see the long-awaited device, which appeared in a video review on the Spanish-language TecnoLike Plus YouTube channel. Judging by it, the Pixel 4a will be very different from the original flagship that came out late last year, but it will be more attractive than the Pixel 3a. See for yourself.

This is the first video review of the affordable Google Pixel 4a.  How do you like it?

This is the Pixel 3a. He looked pretty simple. What surprises the Pixel 4a?

How the Pixel 4a differs from the Pixel 4

Let's start right away with the positives. Personally, I am very impressed with the design concept implemented by Google in the Pixel 4a. The company's designers abandoned the use of a hardware facial recognition system. This reduced the thickness of the top bezel, making it thinner than the Pixel 4, and forced the manufacturer to move the front-facing camera into a separate unit, which was placed in the island-style notch in the upper left corner of the screen. In my opinion, this is the most successful solution, because due to the peculiarities of human vision, with this placement of the lens, it is not as striking as if it were installed on the right.

What the Pixel 4a looks like

As for the rest, the Pixel 4a is quite specific from the outside. Google tried to preserve the continuity of generations in design, providing the novelty with the same platform for the main camera as in the Pixel 4. But if the original had such a decision was justified by an additional lens, then in the available model a single shirik on this pedestal looks somehow lonely and even pitying . In any case, looking at it, I want to make another hole there in order to create some kind of symmetry, because in its current state the smartphone looks extremely awkward.

Pixel 4a in a case will be terrible

With the case, everything is somehow not very clear. If this is a protective case that manufacturers usually use to hide the appearance of a device from developers, I can still accept it, because there may well be something more digestible under it. But if what we see is a real Pixel 4a body, I'm not impressed, if not annoyed. Because it is still possible to justify the plastic, but such an unattractive design of the back of a smartphone is no longer there. Why it was impossible to do the same as the Pixel 3a, when the back panel was divided in two, I don't understand. But worst of all, it will most likely be difficult to hide such a device in a case, because it is already quite thick, and the case will add a couple of millimeters to it on each side. As a result, interacting with the novelty with one hand will be banally inconvenient.

Google Pixel 4a specifications and price

This is the first video review of the affordable Google Pixel 4a.  How do you like it?

Quite a mediocre backdrop, as for me

The Pixel 4a's hardware is going to be a bit atypical too. The smartphone will be based on the Snapdragon 730 processor, the built-in battery will be equal to 3080 mAh, but the amount of RAM will be 6 GB versus 4 GB for the original Pixel 4. This is a rather strange decision, since the available model a priori cannot be better than the flagship one. But for some reason, Google decided it was better this way. Perhaps the company proceeded from the fact that the Pixel 4a is still a smartphone in 2020, and not 2019 as a Pixel 4. Therefore, an increase in the amount of RAM in a budget device can be considered as plans to increase it in all devices of the 'pixel' line that will come out in the future.

When the Pixel 4a comes out

So how much will this Frankenstein cost and when will it be released? I doubt that Google will dare to ask for more than $ 499 for it, because by doing so, the company could alienate potential consumers. But even this price will be temporary, because it is too high to compete even with the Chinese flagships, let alone more affordable models. Therefore, I would suggest that soon after the launch of the Pixel 4a, Google will organize a permanent promotion in which it will sell the new product for $ 100 cheaper, or offer a smart speaker in addition, or something like that – so to speak, to smooth the corners. As for the release date, I would be guided by May, when the Google I / O conference takes place.

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