Hypocrisy as it is: users iOS 14 fell for customization

What advantages has Android always had over iOS? Of course, openness, widgets and customization. But this year in Cupertino they decided to play on the territory of Google and for no reason, for no reason, they opened access to desktop widgets to users iPhone. They turned out, frankly, even better than Android. Apparently, well-written guidelines played their role, which forced the developers to create widgets in such a way as to observe the line between functionality, usability and the load they put on the system. However, the matter was not limited to widgets alone.


Remember how users iOS used to scold customization? So now they themselves are going crazy over her

In addition to widgets, iOS 14 added the ability to customize the interface of the operating system, and this instantly became a new trend. Now the owners iPhone play like crazy with customizing icons, modifying widgets, trying on different skins on the operating system and generally behaving like children who have seized sweets. Moreover, if you flip through Twitter, where proud customizers share the results of their labors, you can get bleeding from your eyes – the human desire to change something sometimes takes on such horrific forms.

Customization iOS

Widgets on iOS

This is the design for iOS chosen by users who have seized

Despite the fact that on iOS customizing the desktop is even more complicated than on Android, where you can simply apply the theme you like, which will apply to the entire interface and all icons, users seem to be does not bother at all. After all, the icon of each application has to be changed manually. But users have already brought a quick command to the top for downloads that allows you to do this. Still, after all, before they had the opportunity to take and change the appearance of the desktop, customize icons, free up space and do much more, but now they do.

Of course, I do not see anything wrong with the fact that users iOS have the opportunity to easily take and change the appearance of the operating system. Yes, this is still not a full-fledged customization, which does not allow making changes to the functional range of smartphones as in Android, but this is already better than nothing. Another thing is that before a huge number of users iOS were ready to prove with foam at the mouth that customization is a pointless exercise that only harms the operating system.

Customization issues

Widget iOS

These widgets are now in use on iOS

Check out what the 'clean iOS' adherent I tracked down on Twitter said:

Customization? It's even worse than shooting yourself in the foot. Now we have a clean one iOS, which we can enjoy in the form in which it was conceived Apple, without tweaking or finishing the developers' imperfections. Dozens and hundreds of designers have carefully checked the design of the OS, and you suggest that we take and spoil everything by rolling over iOS a theme with 'Spider-Man' or 'Batman'? Never. Making changes to the operating system is not a concern of users, and they have absolutely nothing to interfere with its development. Why do you think Android always slows down? Yes, because there any fool can take and customize its appearance the way he wants.

A bit radical, but generally understandable. The user sincerely believes that making any changes to iOS is harmful. But it would be fine if he was so alone. But no, before there were thousands and millions of them, but now if you open Twitter and enter a search query iOS 14, you will see that customization iOS has taken on an incredible scale, becoming a new trend, and something I did not notice that someone spoke out against Apple. It's just that users iOS have a pathological rejection of everything that was not approved in Cupertino. But as soon as something is approved there – no matter what – it immediately becomes a new norm, and sometimes even is elevated to a cult.

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