How to transfer a large file from phone to phone?

Send file The task is to transfer a large file from your phone to another phone or tablet. It can be a collection of high bitrate music, or a 4k video, or an archive with important files. The usual methods of transferring data via Bluetooth or WiFi are not suitable, because often the devices are far from each other, and the data transfer speed is poor (via bluetooth).

So, what methods can be used to transfer large amounts of data from one device to another.

  1. Via Telegram. Just send the desired file as a message via Telegram. And on the second device we download via wifi or mobile Internet, if you have unlimited. Telegram automatically compresses transmitted video files and pictures to medium quality. To send video and photos without loss of quality, in the message field, click on a paper clip and select “File”. And then attach the required file to the message. Upload a file via Instagram
  2. Via Google Drive. Everyone has a Google account on their phone. This means you have 15 GB of cloud storage for free. First, we upload the file from the phone to Google Drive, and then send the link to the file to another person. By following the link, he can easily download the file. Copy link
  3. Via Mail Cloud. Use cloud storage from if you use their mail. Install the Mail Cloud application on your phone, copy the file there (open file -> Share -> Mail cloud). Copy the link to the file and send this link to the recipient. Then he can download your file. Cloud mail
  4. Through Yandex Disk. Everything is the same here with Mail Cloud.
  5. Through the cloud storage of the smartphone / tablet manufacturer. Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, LG, HTC and other manufacturers give all users free space on their “cloud”. Free from 5 to 15 GB is available to you with the option of purchasing additional space.
  6. Through a memory card. Copy all files to the memory card and give it to another person. Most smartphones support microSD cards up to 256GB – more than enough for large files.

I have listed the simplest and most affordable ways to transfer large amounts of information over a distance between Android devices. If devices are nearby, use a wi-fi wireless network to share files. The AirDroid app is suitable for this purpose:

  1. Install the application in the Play Store.
  2. Add the device where you want to transfer files (follow the instructions in the app). Both devices must work under the same account. AirDroid
  3. Transfer the file using the “Share” – “AirDroid” menu. Share file

The AirDroid app has a bunch of additional useful tools:

  • remote control of another device, including a computer;
  • screen recording;
  • backup;
  • control the phone camera remotely from a computer. You can make a video surveillance camera from the phone;
  • mirror (selfie camera is used).

AirDroid: Remote Access & Files AirDroid: Remote Access & Files Download QR-Code AirDroid: Remote Access & Files Developer: SAND STUDIO Price: Free

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