How to save image as JPG or PNG in browser?

Have you ever had to save an image from the Internet, and then look for a way to convert the image to a different type of file? It is possible that this will be a thing of the past with a Chrome extension that will automatically save and convert any photo to jpg or png format.

How do I save an image as JPG or PNG in Google Chrome?

  1. Download the “Save Image As Type” Chrome extension. Open the Chrome app store in your browser and install the “Save Image As Type“ extension. After installation, you will see its icon, which will appear next to other objects near the address bar of the browser. Save picture in desired format extension
  2. Click on the right mouse button and save the image in the desired format. Once you find the picture, right-click on it so that a menu with options appears. Instead of clicking on the familiar 'Save Image As …' button, towards the end of the list look for the 'Save Image As Type' option. After selecting the desired option, the image will be automatically converted and saved on the computer. Save Image

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