Huawei will not release Android 11 for their smartphones due to US sanctions

Despite the fact that Huawei does a pretty good job of dealing with the US sanctions, it is obvious that she is having a pretty hard time. After all, when the Chinese company was banned from accessing Google services, it found something to replace them, when it was forbidden to order processors from partners, it promised to build its own full-cycle production. But when Huawei was banned from updating their smartphones, the company did not do it and abandoned the idea of ​​adapting Android 11 even for compatible devices.

Android 11

Smartphones Huawei will not receive Android 11 due to US sanctions

It might be hard to believe, but Huawei won't release Android 11 for their smartphones. The next generation EMUI firmware, which logically should be based on the next OS version, will be based on Android 10. The leadership of the Chinese company announced this at the Huawei Developer Conference. Despite using last year's version of the operating system, Huawei decided to raise the EMUI serial number to 11, as if highlighting the fact that it does not stop developing its firmware.

What's new in EMUI 11


EMUI 11 has almost no new features

The reason why Huawei was unable to start building EMUI 11 based on Android 11 is extremely simple. Earlier this summer, the US tightened sanctions against the Chinese company and prohibited Google from providing it with update sources Android. Fortunately, Huawei got out and promised that they would continue to release regular security patches for their smartphones, albeit with a slight delay. The fact is that the Chinese will take updates from the official Google website, which posts them there after the actual release. But since the development of EMUI 11 began long before the publication of the source code Android 11, it is obvious that Huawei had no opportunity to use the updated OS.

Despite the fact that Huawei built EMUI 11 on the basis of Android 10, the company and its singers from among Russian IT journalists consider the update to be truly large-scale. But, if we compare EMUI 11 with Android 11, which is generally weak for an annual update, then in terms of the number of significant innovations, the leadership will undoubtedly go to the stock operating system. Here are the main changes that EMUI 11 has received:

  • Advanced Always-on Display;
  • Accelerated interface animation;
  • Improved multitasking mode;
  • Ability to hide photo albums;
  • Voice assistant Celia based on Alice from Yandex;
  • Automatic erasure of metadata from photos when sending;
  • Extended geography of the MeeTime video call service;
  • Smart algorithms for cataloging photo albums.

Why you shouldn't buy smartphones Huawei

Huawei P40

Smartphones Huawei left without updates

That's, by and large, that's all. As you can see, there are a minimum of new functions. Of course, there are some innovations aimed at improving usability, but, as for me, so is EMUI 10.1, which was released a month ago and was richer in new functions. Here, an ordinary user who does not know what to look for will clearly not notice most of the innovations. Why is there an ordinary person, even I, who consider myself more or less knowledgeable, would not even pay attention to auto-erasing metadata from photos and advanced settings of Always-on Display.

What do we have in the bottom line? This year Huawei leaves its users without updating the operating system. Yes, formally it will still be released, but in fact the only significant change it will bring will be an increase in the build number. Because there is nothing interesting in EMUI 11. Against its background, even Android 11, which, in my opinion, absolutely does not pull on an annual update, looks like a much larger update due to the slightest presence of new functions. In general, I am disappointed and will hardly buy at least one smartphone Huawei. After all, why do I need a device that obviously does not shine with any support?

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