How to run games from the Steam service on Android

Steam streaming games to your phone The Steam service is known to every self-respecting gamer. It was introduced in 2003 by Valve and is a digital distribution platform for computer games. With its appearance, there was no need to buy discs, since you can pay on the Internet and download the game in digital form. With the recent launch of the Steam Link beta, players can stream their full library of games to compatible Android devices.

Porting games is pretty straightforward. Once set up, you can play games on Android using a Steam controller, Xbox controller, and a range of other compatible peripherals without the hassle of a touchscreen.

To start streaming, connect your computer and device on Android to the same Wi-Fi network. Then launch Steam on your computer and log into your account.

On your phone / tablet, open the Google Play Store and download the Steam Link app. Once installed, launch it, select a Steam controller or another if you have one, and establish a connection.

Running Steam games on your phone

The program will guide you through the steps if you are using an official Steam controller. Otherwise, read the user manual of the other controller. Usually it is enough to enable Bluetooth on both devices, and the connection will be established.

When the controller is connected, select your computer from the list of available devices and you will see information about your network. Click “Start Play”, open the Steam library using the toolbar at the top. Select the game you want and click “Play”.

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