Finally! Google has made it easy to autofill bank cards in Chrome

If you have ever had to pay for purchases on the Internet, you should know how inconvenient it is. To do this, it was necessary to enter the bank card details, rewrite the name written in Latin, the expiration date and, of course, the crown of any payment card – a three-digit CVC code. Undoubtedly, with the advent of the autofill mechanism, everything has become noticeably easier, but the need to confirm the payment by entering the CVC code has not gone anywhere. For some reason, the SMS confirmation code following this was not enough. Okay, at least Google has fixed this situation.

Finally!  Google has made it easy to autofill bank cards in Chrome

Autocomplete bank details can be handy, and Google has proven it

Google Chrome has an improved autofill mechanism that no longer requires a CVC code when entering bank card details. Rather, it is still required, but only when saving billing information for the first time. After you enter all the data, Chrome will remember them and will automatically substitute where you choose. And biometrics was chosen as a security element replacing the CVC code. After all, what could be more reliable than biometrics, which, unlike a code, can neither be erased nor lost?

Bank card autofill

Finally!  Google has made it easy to autofill bank cards in Chrome

It will be possible to confirm autocomplete instead of CVC code with biometric data

Google Chrome uses the WebAuthn standard to autofill bank card details and verify payments. It ensures that scanned prints, facial images, and irises are securely stored on the device, without transferring them anywhere else. This allows for maximum protection of both payment data and biometric data, which can be used only by the owner and only at the moment when he considers it necessary.

How to use autocomplete

Safe autocomplete billing will work extremely simply, but here's a rough guide – just in case:

  • Go to the shopping cart on the site where you want to checkout and confirm the checkout;
  • In the payment section, click on the line for entering the bank card number – an autofill window should appear in front of you;
  • Select the bank card you want to pay (if there are several) and confirm with your fingerprint;
  • Be careful: some sites may require you to enter your last name and first name or card expiration date, even when using auto-complete.

Autocomplete in google chrome

Finally!  Google has made it easy to autofill bank cards in Chrome

Google has made password autocomplete in Chrome even more convenient

Secure Autofill Billing Information is coming to Chrome on all platforms. It is already available in the desktop version of the browser, and in the near future it will reach Android, which will receive at least one more innovation. It will become a more convenient interface for autofilling authorization data on sites. From now on, the browser will automatically offer combinations of logins and passwords available for a specific web resource in a more visual form, so that it is easier for the user to select the one he needs and confirm authorization using biometrics.

Obviously, this is how Google wants to make online payments more convenient, and, frankly, it does it. But it still remains a mystery to me why she is in no hurry to develop Google Pay as a means of payment on the Internet. Indeed, in physical retail, everyone has long been paying for purchases using a contactless service, because it is convenient. And online, it would be even easier to feel the convenience, since Google Pay does not require you to fill in any data, allowing you to simply scan your fingerprint and confirm the payment.

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