How to remove viruses from Android?

Virus on Android Any electronic device that exchanges data, goes online and stores data can be susceptible to virus attacks or infection. A small amount of memory on your phone or tablet is enough for malicious components to work.

Types of viruses

Typically, malware is written to serve several purposes:

  • Obtaining personal information.
  • Theft of wallet and bank card data.
  • Sending sms to paid numbers.

Most popular viruses:

  • A fake for a well-known application. The name and logo of a popular brand are taken to create, but the application contains only malicious files.
  • Trojan. Fraudsters enter code into the application, and all actions look like the program is running in normal mode. In fact, the Trojan remembers all your passwords, card details and other personal data – and sends them to the hacker without you noticing.
  • Banner. There is a message on the smartphone screen that does not allow using the device, with the requirement to pay a certain amount to unlock the device.

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How do viruses get into the phone?

There are many ways of infection. Most Popular:

  • Downloading and installing third-party applications (not from the Play Store, which has its own built-in antivirus).
  • Receiving sms, mms, e-mail messages that contain a link to an infected site with a virus.
  • Data exchange with other device users (via bluetooth or Wi-Fi).
  • Using public Wi-Fi, for example in a cafe.

It is difficult for an inexperienced user to recognize virus files. The first call is a request for a paid action.

Virus in the phone

Thus, all paid messages sent are approved by the user. This is done by scammers who legally steal the subscriber's money.

Another sign is excessive battery consumption and Internet traffic. The program in the background performs actions to transfer data about the owner of the device.

A freeze on a smartphone can also be a sign of infection. The virus needs some kind of RAM to work.

The most obvious manifestation of the virus is a banner that blocks the owner's actions.

Banner ransomware

Payment of the declared amount does not lead to a solution to the problem. You need to remove the screensaver yourself.

If the virus is aimed at sending paid SMS messages, then the balance of the SIM card is quickly reduced. In the case when auto payment is connected, this can lead to serious financial losses. The program blocks the consequences of its actions. Messages from the bank or operator are not shown to the owner of the device.

We should also highlight online viruses.

Online viruses in the phone

The pop-up message is accompanied by a beep to signal the danger. The main purpose of this is to make the user panic and click on the “OK” button. If permission is obtained, the instant installation of the virus will infect the device. It will take some time to find the downloaded file and delete it. During this time, attackers will try to achieve what they want.

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How do I remove the virus?

The first possible way to get rid of the virus is to remove the program and the installation file from the device memory. The 'downloads' or 'download' folder contains all downloaded items. Use the built-in file manager (explorer) in your phone. Delete the infected file and application (Settings – Applications).

Uploaded files

Next, you need to check the device with an antivirus. Download the protection program from the Play Store and run a scan. The detected errors and threats should be corrected or removed. Different antiviruses may have different virus detection databases (signature database), they use special algorithms of actions. You cannot install two antiviruses at once, they will conflict with each other, the work will be disrupted.

The Play Store offers a lot of anti-virus programs for free:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Russian antivirus program that offers a wide range of options for protecting your device and constantly replenishes the anti-virus database. Free version available.
    Kaspersky on the phone
  • Avast antivirus. A free application that has enough functionality to provide basic protection. The paid version gives you more options.
    Avast antivirus
  • Doctor Web. The program was originally created for a computer. Provides basic user protection both online online and when installing and receiving files.
    Doctor Web Antivirus
  • Eset Nod 32. A nimble application that has a lot of functions in the free version and wider functionality in full.
    Esen node 32 antivirus

All anti-virus programs require periodic database updates. Regular checks will help keep your phone safe from malware.

The algorithm of actions is simple. All programs have a simple and intuitive interface. It is enough to press the button that suggests checking.

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Boot your phone in safe mode

Booting your phone in safe mode will allow you to perform all the necessary actions with the device without activating malware. If a virus appears on the phone that interferes with the operation of the device or the screen is covered with a banner, you can try to remove them by switching to a special mode. For this you need:

  1. Hold down the power button of the device until the shutdown menu appears. Shutdown menu
  2. Hold your finger on the shutdown button for a few seconds. Go to Safe Mode on your phone

In this state, the smartphone allows you to perform all the necessary actions without downloading third-party applications and widgets with autoload. The user just needs to find the infected file in the device memory and delete it.

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Factory reset

This action restores the original state of the device. The disadvantage is that during the procedure, all data from the smartphone's memory is deleted, including photos, applications, contacts. You can perform this action from the smartphone settings (about phone / factory reset) or by entering the recovery menu.

If some actions become unavailable and it is impossible to get rid of the infection without interfering with the system, then all that remains is to reflash the device. Not everyone can do this on their own, besides, you need to choose the right software, have a computer at hand. It is better to entrust such work to a specialist.

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