How to remove root rights on Android?

Root rights Root rights (superuser rights) give you full access to control your Android device. You can install any programs and settings in your phone, manage system applications and settings. And much more.

In this article, I will show you how to remove root privileges from your phone or tablet.

Method 1: manually

Open the file manager and enable the display of hidden and system files. If your application does not have this option, use the CX Explorer program.

Hidden files

In the menu, open the internal memory of the device (shared storage):

  1. / System / bin /. Find and delete the file “su”. Or another path: / System / xbin /. Delete file “su”.
  2. / System / app /. Delete the “Superuser.apk” file.
  3. Reboot the device.

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Method 2: through the SuperSU app

In the application, open Settings – Cleaning (cleanup) – Refusal from Root (Full unroot). After applying the settings, restart your phone.

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Method 3: through the Unroot app

Install and run the Universal unroot application in the Play Store.

Universal Unroot

Click on Unroot to remove superuser rights.

Remove root rights

Unfortunately, the program does not work with all versions Android. If the solution does not help, try installing other similar applications in the Market.

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Video how to get root rights

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Video how to remove root rights

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