How to make money easily on Android

Earnings on Android The Android operating system is distinguished not only by a huge number of programs, of which there are more and more every day, but also by the ability to make money. Few people know about this. In this article, we will try to reveal the widest possible question – how to make money on Android.

Ways to make money

For many people, this platform is auxiliary and is used only for entertainment. In fact, it also allows you to earn money. You can do it in such ways.

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Writing applications on Android yourself

The most obvious way is to learn how to write applications on this platform. To create programs, you need a basic knowledge of objective-oriented programming, databases, Java and some other nuances. After that, one of the main development tools is downloaded and the development process itself begins.
Further, a person who decided to get money in this way will have several options for development – create utilities himself and try to sell them, or collaborate with teams that need developers in this particular area. The second option will allow you to earn stable income, because completely different people will be involved in promotion, marketing and popularization of the product.

This is one of the most time-consuming methods, requiring fundamental knowledge in various fields, but the flow of funds in this case will be the largest.

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Organization of your own team of programmers

The second way to make money on Android is similar to the previous one, with the only difference that you don't need to develop anything yourself, it is enough to think over the concept competently and assemble a team of programmers who will create applications. After the utility is made, they are still placed on Google Play, either by making a paid utility, or by offering it free of charge, but at the same time leaving space for advertising there. This method is not suitable for all countries (Google imposes restrictions on the monetization of programs). In addition, a lot of marketing knowledge and the ability to analyze market trends are required.

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Installing money transfer apps

The third way to organize earnings on Android is to install special applications that transfer money for certain actions. For example, for installing games, taking surveys, and more. You can get money for such solutions in any convenient way. One of these in the Google store. After installation, the user will have access to a special panel where you can take an order, complete it and earn funds.

Earnings on Android with the help of programs

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The fourth way is Taporro. If we compare programs for making money on Android, this one is one of the best. You can earn money in it by completing various tasks (offers). To use the utility, you need a PayPal account. One of the main disadvantages of such solutions is the inability to spend currency in cash. That is, all the money earned has to be spent on what such applications offer.

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Blocking ads

The fifth way is that there are special modules that pay money to block ads in the browser and programs from Google Play. Unfortunately, this cannot be found on official sources, and Root access is required for this option to work.

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The nuances of receiving funds

All of the above methods of earning on Android have many nuances. For example, to make money in the first two ways, you need to have fundamental knowledge in many areas. Other methods are not stable, moreover, they often pay very little money.

Problems may arise with the withdrawal; not all utilities that offer to make money on the operating platform have the ability to withdraw money to popular payment systems.

Thus, everyone finds their own convenient way to monetize the use of the operating shell.

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How to make money easily on Android: Video

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