Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than we thought

“Oh no!” – this is how I answer Samsung when it tries to sell me its first generation Galaxy Fold. On the one hand, it's interesting to play with him, but nothing more. Moreover, I have already played enough of Huawei Mate X. In general, the experience is pleasant, but not enough to buy it for permanent use and sell it a year later for a penny or throw it away due to the fact that the fold is the screen will finally throw you out of balance. That is why I do not want to buy such a gadget, but I will be happy to see what changes in the second generation. Moreover, fresh rumors have arrived, according to which something more interesting than we expected. But what will improve in the new generation of smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than we thought

Would you like such a smartphone?

Will the second Galaxy Fold be better than the first

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was a huge step forward for the foldable smartphone world, but left a lot of room for improvement in the second generation. Today we have information on what the second generation of the foldable Korean smartphone will be like. This time, we have some hope for the best.

If the company hadn't released the Galaxy Z Flip some time ago, there would have been more hopes for success, but it showed that we still have a long way to go before quality foldable displays. On the other hand, it is the Fold that is the flagship of the direction and it should be at least somehow, damn it, better than the first generation.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than we thought

The owners of the first Fold had such shoals.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 specifications

Ross Young, founder and CEO of research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants, tweeted extensively about the Galaxy Fold 2's display specs. He started with the main display that folds inward.

As rumored, the diagonal of the internal display will be 7.59 inches, and its resolution will be 2213 × 1689. As a result, the display will be slightly sharper than in the first generation. And the pixel density will be 372 dpi. The indoor display will use the LPTO rear panel. Apple used the same technology on their iPhone displays AMOLED.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than we thought

Internal display specifications.

In addition, the internal display receives a number of other improvements. The best part is the 120Hz refresh rate. For protection, ultra-thin glass (UTG) will be used, which, like the Galaxy Z Flip, will still need a plastic protective film to withstand impacts.

Earlier, there were rumors that the new product would receive a camera under the screen, but later this was denied. The new Galaxy Fold will use a hole in the screen to house the camera inside it. As previously reported, the Galaxy Fold 2's display will also accept S Pen input.

S Pen support is good news, but there is no word on whether it will be included in the package yet. Most likely, this will not happen, since there is not very much space in the case of a folding smartphone.

Foldable phone external display

The Galaxy Fold 2's external display will be the most affected. Instead of the compact 4.6 “panel on the original Fold, Samsung uses all of its available real estate to house the 6.23” panel. Interestingly, this panel uses LTPS backplane technology, which implies it could be an LCD panel instead of AMOLED. However, given Samsung's serious stake on AMOLED, it's hard to believe.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than we thought

External display characteristics.

The external display will have a resolution of 2267 × 819 and will also get a cutout for the front camera. At this resolution, the screen will be very stretched. For example, before that, some of the elongated screens were those that were installed on Sony smartphones. In them, the aspect ratio was 21: 9. Now it will be approximately 25: 9. This is almost 3: 1.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than we thought

Some more useful information.

The problems of the first generation users with the fact that the screen is very small, this will only partially solve. But outwardly it will look much better than before. However, the refresh rate of the external smartphone will be only 60 Hz. But he probably doesn't need any more.

Should you buy the Galaxy Fold 2

We don't know for sure if all of the listed display specifications are true. But, if everything goes as he says, most likely, the smartphone will indeed become much more interesting than the first generation. And even earlier on the Web, there was an opinion that the company knew how to make the screen less prone to wrinkling. If this is true, then the price of the novelty, which should be lower, will be even more justified.

What do you think of the new Galaxy Fold 2? Nobody doubts that it will be, but the question is what it will be. Or will he still need 2-3 more generations to become absolutely good?

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