Why iPhone SE is the Google Pixel 4a's nightmare

iPhone SE just came out, but it has already made a lot of noise among technology lovers in general and smartphones in particular. On the other hand, the Google Pixel 4a has not even been released yet, but it is already hissing in the information field, like a radio ready for communication. The point of these smartphones is that they represent the largest market players. And the most interesting thing is that these are not flagships, but their younger brothers, which are significantly cheaper and can become either an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend a lot on a smartphone, or an entry point into the infrastructure of companies. Whatever they are, they still offer great value for money. Especially against the background of the space into which the flagships flew away. But why is iPhone SE the worst nightmare for the upcoming Google Pixel 4a?

Why iPhone SE is the Google Pixel 4a's nightmare

What will the Google Pixel 4a be like?

Comparison of iPhone SE 2 vs Google Pixel 4a

Apple surprised many with a brand new iPhone SE last month, and although it was not entirely unexpected, we can say that for the whole family iPhone it became competitive advantage. At $ 400 or 39,990 rubles in Russia iPhone SE may not be a competitor for some other smartphones at Android, but it will definitely be a headache for the Google Pixel 4a. In order not to lose this battle, Google needs to equip the new product with something really interesting.

Let's try to compare them. iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch display, one 12MP main camera, 64GB of storage, a powerful A13 Bionic processor, dual SIM gigabit LTE (via eSIM), Touch ID, IP67 water resistance, fast charging 18W, wireless charging it lacks a headphone jack.

It is not yet possible to say exactly what the Goolge Pixel 4a will be, but usually leaks by this time already quite accurately form an idea of ​​what the device will be like. As a result, we have a 5.8-inch screen, one 12-megapixel main camera, a 3080 mAh battery, 64 GB of memory, Snapdragon 730, gigabit LTE (there is no information about the second SIM card yet), a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel, a headphone jack and wired charging at 15 or 18 watts (but this is not accurate). There will almost certainly be no wireless charging.

It’s hard to believe, but “on paper” Apple I won and won with a very serious advantage. Even those specs that may still change in the Google Pixel 4a are unlikely to change anything, and by this indicator iPhone SE will definitely stay ahead. Here are just a small screen, but there are no questions for the rest.

Why iPhone SE is the Google Pixel 4a's nightmare

iPhone The SE 2 only has one camera, but the Google Pixel 4a is unlikely to have more.

The Google Pixel 3a was good last year and I loved it, but I can't say it was outstanding. It was just an inexpensive smartphone, and it was distinguished from the background of its competitors only by an excellent camera, which was no worse than that of the 'adult' Google Pixel 3.

What's good about iPhone SE 2

iPhone The second generation SE is powered by a new processor Apple A13, which is even installed in iPhone 11 Pro and which according to many tests is more efficient than Snapdragon 865. In addition This, iPhone even against the background of the Google Pixel has been receiving updates for a very long time. At the same time, updates do not spoil the device, but make it better. For example, I have iPad Air 2, which was released more than five years ago and it works so well on last year's version iOS that I don't even really want to sell it, although I have newer iPad Pro 11.

Another important advantage iPhone is that it will be very repairable. This is a merit of the fact that it is very massive, and the fact that it is in the SE of the second generation that many parts from iPhone 8 are installed, which have long been learned to repair even in handicraft services.

Perhaps it is the fact that the novelty is based on a 2.5-year-old device and will alienate many from buying, but who knows from ordinary buyers? Most likely, Google will focus on this in its advertising campaign. Moreover, the company has already followed the path of direct comparison in advertising its smartphone with iPhone. Well, of course, the screen will get it. This is how the iPhone SE second generation screen looks like even in comparison to others iPhone.

Why iPhone SE is the Google Pixel 4a's nightmare

Left – iPhone 11, right – iPhone SE 2.

What's great about the Google Pixel 4a

Let's recap the benefits of the Google Pixel 4a that we know with a high degree of probability, compared to what is in iPhone SE.

The Google Pixel 4a runs Android, has a larger screen, it has a headphone jack (albeit a dubious advantage) and the camera might be better for stills (but almost certainly worse for video). One Android is enough for those who do not want to switch to the platform Apple, but you need to understand that if Google hopes to recapture customers from Apple, 4a simply cannot surprise and convince of the need for the transition.

The benefits Android are often subtle, things that you learn to appreciate over the course of months or even years, not things that you can celebrate and suddenly call a smartphone cool. Yes, Google Assistant is significantly better than Siri. Yes, Android has more notification settings. Yes, Android allows much deeper customization and personalization than iOS. And yes, you can choose your own default apps (although iOS has already started to do this, but not in everything). Of course, some of this leads to a decrease in the level of security, but again, not many people know about this, but not many use such opportunities.

Why iPhone SE is the Google Pixel 4a's nightmare

iPhone The SE looks very modern at the back.

Globally, the iPhone second generation SE and Google Pixel 4a are very similar tools to accomplish similar tasks. Perhaps many people will want to try the gadget from Google and leave the cool ecosystem Apple, just see if they can. At the same time, will those who want to try the good iOS be able to stay with them for a long time? I'm not sure, but if you have something to add, write to our Telegram chat, we'll figure it out.

There are no answers to these questions yet, but it cannot be denied that these two smartphones are the closest points to each other iOS and Android. It is at this point, as in the narrowest point of the abyss, that the transition from one camp to another is possible.

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