How to install ICQ to Android?

ICQ for Android Despite the fact that in recent years the popular in the CIS countries 'ICQ' (ICQ) began to lose ground on the OS Windows, it is still actively used on the mobile platform. If you still did not know that it is available for Android devices, then I will explain to you how to install the application on Android.

To begin with, I want to say that the choice of those very clients is very, very large. Over 15 applications, but I want to focus your attention only on the most popular and convenient clients for ICQ.

Mail client for the Android system: Video

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How do I set ICQ to Android? On Google Play, you can download the official ICQ client called 'ICQ Messenger – Chat and Calls.' In general, it is a good replacement for the desktop version. It can transfer not only text, but also photo, video files. The application itself has few settings.


Another client, called QIP mobile , seemed much more interesting. I think many people are familiar with this software on a computer. QIP is one of the best ICQ clients for OS Android.

QIP mobile

In general, the versatility of this application lies in the fact that with its help you can sit not only in the ICQ but also in other social networks. networks.

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Installing and configuring QIP mail to Android: Video

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So, after installing the application, during the first launch it has a pleasant appearance, the User will be prompted to enter the login and password of QIPmobile, or, if not, register. After logging in, four main sections are available, such as: Accounts, Contacts, Conversations and Settings.

QIP app settings

Additional settings

In the “Accounts” tab, you can write the login and password of your ICQ or other account from the available services.

Login and password

By the way, it is in this window that the user can change the activity status by clicking on any of the necessary accounts, as well as by holding down on the selected account, you can change the status, add a contact, delete an account or make settings. In the latter, you can change the password, enable or disable encryption, compression or file server, as well as notification of offline messages.

Installing the app

In Contacts in landscape orientation, the list of people with whom you communicate is displayed on the left, and the correspondence itself is on the right.


In Conversations, the last conversations are also visible on the left, and on the right is the history of correspondence.

Correspondence history

Going to Settings, you will be able to set the Wi-Fi priority, do not turn off the screen during the active application window, change the alert sound level, display options in the chat. As well as the rest of the interface settings, anti-spam, notifications and the QIP account itself.

Other settings

If the user is interested in how to quit ICQ on Android, then this can be done by going to the settings and activating the Quit item.

Exit the application

As you can see, QIP Mobile has proven to be a very versatile yet easy-to-use messenger for ICQ.

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How to install QIP on Android: Video

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