Why is it better to buy Galaxy Note 10 instead of Note 20

Yesterday Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 20. The smartphone turned out exactly the way leaks and rumors portrayed it: stylish, impressive and expensive. But, despite the fact that usually the Note line devices turn out to be the most functional, productive and, I'm not afraid of the word, innovative, the new product, although it corresponds to the title of a top device in all formalities, is in fact a second-class flagship. I'll explain why I myself would have preferred last year's Galaxy Note 10, and I advise you to do the same for you.

Why is it better to buy Galaxy Note 10 instead of Note 20

Galaxy Note 10 is Samsung's best flagship for 2020

The Galaxy Note 20 being a flagship lineup doesn't make it perfect at all. Apparently, the Koreans had a clear task to save as much as possible in order to ultimately make more money on the sale of a smartphone. The result was something completely incomprehensible. Here are just the main disadvantages of the Galaxy Note 20, which became known immediately after the presentation. But in the future, almost certainly something else will become clear.

Galaxy Note 20 problems

Why is it better to buy Galaxy Note 10 instead of Note 20

Waiting for the Galaxy Note 20 to be made from premium materials? And here is a plastic that was called a plastic

  • The Galaxy Note 20's body is made of plastic, not glass like the Note 10. Although Samsung calls the material a 'hybrid' of glass and plastic, it feels like real plastic.
  • The Galaxy Note 20 for Russia is equipped with the Exynos 990 processor, which was still in the Galaxy S20. But for the US, Samsung is shipping a model with the latest Snapdragon 865+ chip.
  • Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note line has always surpassed the Galaxy S devices, the Note 20 received a reduced amount of RAM compared to the S20 Ultra, equal to 8 or 12 GB.
  • The design of the Galaxy Note 20 has changed only at the back, and even then not very significantly. From the front, you will almost certainly not be able to tell the difference from last year's model.

A few more words about the hardware of the Galaxy Note 20. Despite the fact that the Exynos 990 is the newest Samsung processor, in fact it is only 10% faster than last year's 'stone', which was in the Galaxy Note 10. The Koreans said so about it at the presentation. Perhaps the keyword here was 'faster' and not '10%', but it was the number that unwittingly caught my attention. Therefore, if you are counting on outstanding computing power, then it is not worth it. Last year's “ten” will clearly show itself as nothing worse.

Should you buy the Galaxy Note 10

Why is it better to buy Galaxy Note 10 instead of Note 20

Galaxy Note 10 costs 43 thousand rubles, and Note 20 – 80 thousand

Perhaps I'm the only one such miser, but for me the price of a smartphone – even if it's a flagship – is of decisive importance. Well, it's a trite pity for me to pay a hundred thousand rubles for the phone, given that a couple of years will pass and his support will stop. Therefore, from this point of view, the Galaxy Note 10 is a much more preferable option. Yes, I am aware that the classic Note 20 costs 'only' 80 thousand rubles against 100 thousand for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. But do not forget that for this money you get a plastic case. Whether it is the Galaxy Note 10, which is made of glass, and you can buy it for a little more than 40 thousand. The difference is almost twofold.

Someone will probably say that the Galaxy Note 10 is last year's smartphone, which in fact has only a year left to 'live'. After all, we are all accustomed to the fact that even flagships under control Android are updated for only two years maximum. However, Samsung decided to make changes in the way of life and promised to extend support for all its flagship devices up to three years. That is, the Galaxy Note 10 will stop updating not in 2021, but in 2022, and will receive Android 13. Undoubtedly, Note 20 will be updated for another year longer. But it also costs twice as much.

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