How to find out the year of manufacture and where the phone was made?

Serial number and IMEI of the phone When purchasing a smartphone or after starting to use it, the user may need to clarify information about the date and place of manufacture of the device, at least to ensure its authenticity.

Copies of original devices are often offered in stores, but the system may not be updated, there may be interruptions in connecting to official servers and other difficulties. Custom or pirated phone firmware may have violations in some areas that are responsible for the owner's interaction with the device or the global network.

How do I know the full release date of a phone?

To clarify information about the date of manufacture of the device, you can use several methods:

  • Documents and packaging. Phone build date

Each device has a warranty card and packaging, which must indicate the date and country of manufacture. You can clarify the characteristics on the sticker or on the corresponding page of the document. This method works if the packaging and documents belong to a specific device. To verify compliance, it is necessary to compare the IMEI of the device with the number indicated on the box or in the documents.

  • Under the battery.

Phone data

The sticker contains information about the device. The serial number indicates the manufacturer, place and time of manufacture. Since the length of the number of different models can differ significantly and contain a large number of characters, it is better to check the determination procedure on the manufacturer's website. In the presented case, the phone was produced in 2013 (letter D in the serial number) in April (the character following the letter is 4). In most cases, the month and date are indicated using numbers 1-9 or letters.

  • On the manufacturer's website or by IMEI on third-party services.

Phone check by IMEI

On the site / ru or, you can check the IMEI compliance of the presented model, and whether there is a statement about the loss of a specific device. On the manufacturer's website, it is enough to enter the serial number or a unique code in the corresponding line. The information will be as accurate as possible.

However, no verification is 100% guaranteed. The counterfeit manufacturer can copy the numbers from the original devices to ensure that verification passes.

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How do I find the IMEI serial number?

To find out the unique IMEI number, just dial # 06 # in the phone. The necessary information is displayed on the screen. If the phone has 2 SIM cards, then 2 IMEI.

Phone IMEI

The same information is found in the section about the device. Go to Settings – About phone. See also the serial number of the device here.

IMEI phone

The IMEI (14 digits) contains information about the country of manufacture (the first 8 digits) and the serial number of the device. In some cases (if greater than 14) the last digits indicate the software version.

All these methods help to verify the origin of the device. This is important when purchasing the device from hands or from an unverified supplier. The buyer can protect himself from buying a stolen or fake smartphone.

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