How to make an old face to Android

Forced self-isolation, to which almost the whole world has gone, forced many of us to start planning our leisure time at home. Some started reading books, others watched all the films and TV shows that they put off for later, and still others went crazy over the three-dimensional figures of a tiger, lion, shark and other animals from Google. But neither one nor the other will last for a long time, so people began to look for new ways of entertainment. It is clear that we will not offer you to study via the Internet, but you are always welcome to have fun.

How to make an old face to Android

Do you want to look at yourself in old age? It couldn't be easier

In fact, the method of entertainment that we want to tell you about is by no means new, but since many have already forgotten about it, we consider it appropriate to remind about it. Moreover, during the lull it became even more interesting.

Of course, we are talking about an aging application called FaceApp (download). It uses special algorithms based on neural networks that analyze a photograph of a person and, after processing, show how you will look in old age, make you smile even in the picture where you remain serious, add vegetation to your face or change your hairstyle. But if by and large there is nothing outstanding in changing hair color or turning small aristocratic antennae into real hair under the nose, then very, very many clearly want to look at themselves in old age, because it is not for nothing that one of the most popular queries on Google is like me I will look after quarantine.

How to age your photo

  • In order to age yourself, open FaceApp (download), take a photo or select an existing one in the gallery;
  • Then open the snapshot and select the type of filter you want to apply – we are interested in 'Age';

How to make an old face to Android How to make an old face to Android

  • Scroll through the list of available filters and select 'Elderly' or 'Tough Old Man' (this is the new mode – more about it below);
  • If you are satisfied with the result, click 'Apply' and the photo will be saved in the gallery.

As you can see, the changes that take place in photography look extremely natural. Algorithms do not just paint wrinkles and add gray hair to the hair, they deeply analyze the image, and then apply – quite naturally, by the way – all sorts of attributes of an old person, such as bald patches, hanging skin on the cheeks or neck, and so on. The result is the most natural transformation, which some may even take for a real snapshot of your not the most distant relative.

Photo in old age

How to make an old face to Android How to make an old face to Android

While the Old Man and Tough Old Man filters are designed to age, the former makes you an unattractive old man that you will most likely become in the future. Perhaps that is why you will not like your appearance – you will look too pathetic. However, if you apply the Tough Old Man filter, you will grow a stylish beard in the photo, and your hair will not only not thin out, but even become thicker – in a word, exactly what the models from men's magazines and kid's quotes on VKontakte look like.

How to make an old face to Android

This is what Tim Cook looked like 30 years ago.

Rejuvenation from FaceApp, which allows you to look at yourself in youth, works just as effectively, although not for everyone. For example, in my case, the filters added femininity, but didn't turn my biological clock back. In any case, about 10-15 years ago, I looked completely different, and therefore I will not attach a screenshot. However, we will attribute this to the peculiarity of my appearance, because the CEO Apple Tim Cook, under the FaceApp filter, turned out to be very, very similar to himself as a sample of 30 years ago. Therefore, experiment and choose the filters that suit you.

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