How to download wallpaper from Galaxy Note 20 firmware

Leaks are a phenomenon that predates almost any popular smartphone. Moreover, they are often provoked by the manufacturers themselves, diligently maintaining the interest of users long before the official release. Therefore, the absence of leaks should be more alarming than their abundance. After all, if there are no leaks, most likely, the manufacturer is not yet ready to release the novelty for sale. However, leaks are not always sanctioned – after all, there are enough insiders who want to make a name for themselves on the next exclusive. Through the efforts of one of them, we got access to the desktop wallpaper of the new Galaxy Note 20.

How to download wallpaper from Galaxy Note 20 firmware

Galaxy Note20 has not yet been released, and the wallpaper from its firmware can already be downloaded

Despite the fact that more than a week remains before the official presentation of the Galaxy Note 20, the insider Ishan Agarwal has already leaked a series of desktop wallpapers found in the firmware of the upcoming phablet. Looking ahead, I will say that there are not very many of them – only 5 – and they are quite similar to each other, but they are really unique wallpapers that cannot be found in other smartphones and applications that offer access to extensive libraries of desktop images.

Desktop wallpaper for Android

How to download wallpaper from Galaxy Note 20 firmware

This is not all the wallpapers, there are several more of them below.

The uniqueness of these images lies not only in their inaccessibility, but also in the method of creation. The fact is that such large manufacturers as Samsung do not just instruct designers to draw pictures in Photoshop, but they hire professional artists and photographers for this purpose. That is, what you see in the images is real-life objects that have been positioned and illuminated in such a way as to create the impression of something unearthly or at least not made by hands – like cobblestones cut by sea waves.

How to download wallpaper for Android

All images are presented in high quality from the 'Google Drive' storage:

  • Follow this link to the folder with images;
  • Select the one you need and open it;

How to download wallpaper from Galaxy Note 20 firmware

Download wallpapers from Google Drive and set them yourself

  • In the context menu select 'Download' and confirm the download;
  • Go to the Gallery on your smartphone and set the picture as your desktop wallpaper.

I admit that these are not all the desktop images that will be available in the Galaxy Note 20 firmware. But if this is really the case, we will be able to find out about this only after August 5, when Samsung officially presents the new product to the general public. In addition, several more new products are expected to be released on the same day. Headliners of the presentation will include the Galaxy Z Fold (a sequel to the original Galaxy Fold), the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch, the Galaxy Beans headphones, and maybe something else.

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