How to download torrents on Android?

Torrent for Android Do you need to quickly download a file? P2P networks can come to the rescue, but first you need to know how to download files through the BitTorrent app at Android. There are several programs of this kind.

Torrents are known for distributing pirated material, but BitTorrent itself is not illegal. The peer-to-peer (P2P) network is responsible for downloading and exchanging data. Instead of each user downloading files from a server, the P2P network allows you to download a file from some users and distribute it to others.

We are talking about technology, and how it will be used depends on specific people. Almost all torrents share copyrighted files. It is illegal for you to download these files for free. The technology itself does not violate the law and can be used quite legally.

For example, if you want to download new firmware for your Android – smartphone. Or an operating system distribution kit Linux, or a patch for the game. Alternatively, you can use the app to sync data between your smartphone and tablet at Android. These are all legitimate uses of BitTorrent technology.

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Installing the BitTorrent app to Android

There are several BitTorrent apps for Android, but we'll stick with the official BitTorrent program.

After installation, you must give permission to access photos, media and other files. Inside the app, you will find a screen for torrent files, as well as the ability to watch videos and listen to audio.

Torrents for Android

At first, the torrent list is empty, while the video and audio lists contain files from your device.

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Search and download torrent files

There are many legal torrent trackers out there. For example, the Internet Archive contains publicly available media files.

For example, we will download a distribution Linux, a version of Ubuntu called Lubuntu. This lightweight operating system is available via standard downloads, torrenting and magnet links. Magnet files are a simplified version of torrent files.

Download Linux torrent

When you open the Lubuntu download page, you will find a link to 64-bit ISO files. You need to give a few confirmations before you can download.

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Does your phone have enough space for torrents?

Before downloading data to your smartphone or tablet at Android, you need to make sure that there is enough space to store it. If it's just a few songs, it shouldn't be a problem. However, if you download large programs, videos, games, operating systems, there may not be enough space. If your smartphone has little free space, you can install a microSD card.

In general, first make sure that the file will fit on the device, and only then download it. You also need to make sure that the device is not discharged. BitTorrent will show you when it's time to recharge.

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3 tools for downloading torrents

In addition to free disk space, devices on Android require antivirus, Wi-Fi and VPN connection.

1. Antivirus.

When you download data from the Internet, it doesn't hurt to check it with an antivirus. First, the file must be downloaded, then it must be checked for viruses (sometimes you must unpack it first). If problems are found, delete the downloaded file. Otherwise, the device may become infected with malicious code.

2. Wi-Fi.

Most likely, you do not have unlimited mobile Internet. For this reason, when downloading large files, it is better to use your home Internet through a router or public unlimited hotspots. Make sure you download over Wi-Fi.

3. VPN.

It also doesn't hurt to install and enable the VPN app before downloading. Many VPN programs support torrents to help protect your privacy. With a VPN, you can hide your real location.

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Downloading a torrent to your phone

When you are ready to download the BitTorrent file, click on the link, the application will launch and the download will begin.

There are two viewing modes. The Files tab contains a list of all torrents on the device. They can be loaded, distributed, or turned off. There is also an “Information” tab. Here you will see the estimated download times and download speeds, as well as the number of peers available. These are the people who download this file from you. There are also a number of seeds from which you download.

List of torrents on the phone

Also in the application, you can specify the location in the file system where the files should be downloaded.

The download duration depends on the file size and download speed. When uploading large files, it is best to keep the device plugged into an outlet.

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Use the data or share it

Once the files are downloaded, you can start working with them. If you pause the download, this torrent won't be distributed, which will slow down other people's download speeds. For the sake of decency, it is recommended to distribute the file as long as you do not give at least as much data as it downloaded yourself.

Let us remind you that before using the downloaded files, it is recommended to check them with an antivirus. If necessary, you can transfer the downloaded data to another device via cloud storage or via a USB cable.

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