Apple showed that she does not put smartphones at anything on Android

The dismissive attitude of users iOS to all other platforms is a completely common story, if not trivial. For some reason, to everyone who owns iPhone, users Android seem to be either second-class people or not well-off. Apparently, this is due to the wide range of smartphones based on the 'green robot', among which there are plenty of quite inexpensive and even frankly cheap ones. It would seem, what's the big deal? After all, the choice is always good. But, apparently, the attitude of users iOS to their colleagues from the camp Android stems from the attitude towards them Apple.

Apple showed that she does not put smartphones at anything on Android

The attitude of Apple towards smartphones on Android is clearly visible in the trade-in prices it offers

Apple started accepting by trade-in, in addition to the old iPhone smartphones under control Android. So far, such a program operates only in the Chinese market. Obviously, for the same reason, in the list of devices that the company accepts, most are products of local manufacturers. However, it is not the fact that Apple agreed to make discounts for iPhone users of Android – smartphones who agree to refuse them, but the size of that discount, or the redemption value of enemy devices.

Apple showed that she does not put smartphones at anything on Android

Apple buys out even flagship ones Android – smartphones are several times cheaper than iPhone

If you go to the Chinese site Apple, add any iPhone to the cart and confirm your desire to participate in the trade-in program, you will see how ridiculous money the company offers even for flagship smartphones on Android. Oddly enough, but for some reason the most expensive devices turned out to be Xiaomi. For example, for a three-year Xiaomi Mi 8 in Cupertino they are willing to pay as much as $ 105, and for Xiaomi Mi 6, which is even older, – $ 63. Say, is it a penny? Maybe, but look at how much Apple pays other model owners.

  • Galaxy S8 – $ 77
  • Oppo R11 – $ 49;
  • Vivo X9 – $ 49;
  • Vivo X7 – $ 28;
  • Oppo A5 – $ 28;
  • Huawei P30 Pro – $ 28.

For you to understand the range of prices, let's turn to the redemption value of branded smartphones Apple, which it pays to users if they participate in the trade-in program. For iPhone 6, which is no longer even updated, the company gives 56 dollars, for the original iPhone SE – 91 dollars, and for iPhone XS, which roughly corresponds to level Huawei P30 Pro – as much as $ 490. I think it's easy to understand how highly Apple values ​​their own products, and how low they value competitors' products.

Apple showed that she does not put smartphones at anything on Android

Do you want to profitably sell a smartphone on the secondary market? Then buy immediately iPhone

Funny, is not it? But if Apple lack of proper reverence for Chinese state employees is, frankly, quite justified, then why the company pays less than $ 30 for last year's Huawei P30 Pro, I personally do not understand. After all, this is a flagship device of the same level as the iPhone XS, with one of the best cameras on the market and high-performance hardware, which is many times superior to what the Xiaomi Mi 8 offers and so more Xiaomi Mi 6.

I am quite sure that the buyout prices that Apple lists on their site are not a mistake. In my opinion, this is simply some kind of gesture that Apple wants to show Android – to smartphones their disdain and lack of any desire to give their users discounts. Thus, they are simply given to understand that at one time, having bought such a device, they made the wrong choice, and now they are forced to pay for their own mistakes. And if they just bought iPhone, they could change it to a new one every year for almost half the price.

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