How do I transfer music to a memory card?

Memory card to phone Music albums often take up all the available memory on your phone. But you still need a place for photos and videos. In this article, you will learn how easy it is to transfer all your music to the SD card in your phone.

To store personal files on a memory card, I recommend buying a microSD class10 with the maximum memory capacity that your smartphone supports. For most, it is 64 GB (it costs about 1000 rubles.) But the latest flagships support memory cards up to 1024 GB.

  1. To transfer music, we use the file manager (Explorer). Select all the music and click “Move”. Transfer music to memory card
  2. Choosing a storage location – SD card. SD card
  3. Select the destination folder. You can create your own Music folder and click Paste to transfer the music. Insert music
  4. Done. If there is enough space on the memory card, the files will move.

For the convenience of working with files, you can use a third-party explorer – the ES Explorer application. By analogy, you can transfer photos, videos and any files from your phone to an SD memory card.

Video how to transfer files to a memory card

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