How to download music and video from VK

Android VK This article will be useful to those people who have repeatedly thought about how to download video or audio from Vkontakte to Android, but have not yet found a solution to these problems. I want to tell you where to get the required application and how to use it.

App overview

There is an application on Google Play that can both record videos and download music from VK to Android. This application is called 'Music & VideoCenter'.

Music & Video Center

It has a very simple interface. At the first start, you will need to tap on the upper right button, enter your VK account and start listening or recording audio and video.
If you settled on music, then on the left there will be a choice where the tracks will be displayed from. When you select 'My', the next step will be to select 'All audio recordings', 'Recommendations' or 'Popular'. If you stopped at the 'Groups' item, a list with the names of the communities in which you are a member will be displayed.


'Friends' – a window with the names of people you have as friends will appear accordingly.


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How to download?

It is very easy to manage the list of audio recordings. The very first in the line is the icon for listening to the track, followed by the name of the song itself, the duration, bitrate to the right, and the download button on the device ends the line. All audio recordings that you have previously downloaded will be displayed in the list with a check mark.


In “Video” everything is the same as with music. One has only to consider the list of displaying videos in the program window.
The first is a miniature image of what is shown on the video and the length of the video itself. Heading slightly to the right.


In order to record a video on your Android device, you need to click on the title, select the image resolution and click 'Download'.


Also, you can simply view the video or delete.
Note: this service can download only those videos that are stored on VK servers. If the recording is on Youtube or Vimeo, then a link will be offered to watch this video.


All downloaded sound files can be found in your device root in the 'Music' folder. To get into this folder, you need to open any explorer, for example the free application “ES ” and click on the desired folder.



This program also writes videos to the 'Download' directory.
So, if you need a program for downloading audio and video from a contact for android, then 'Music & VideoCenter' will be the easiest and optimal solution for you.

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