How to disable ads on Android

Everything is fine in Android, but sometimes users encounter a number of problems that are not in iOS. Most often this is an advertisement that crawls out literally from every corner of the smartphone. She can lie in wait in the browser, in applications, on the home screen, and even on the lock screen. This is very annoying. Especially when it appears very often. One good thing is that there are a couple of means to combat this and they must be used. Moreover, there is nothing difficult in their application. But if you do everything right, advertising will not bother you anymore. And at the same time, increase the level of security, because such advertising does not always have harmless roots.

How to disable ads on Android

Ads on Android can reach anyone.

Why does ads appear on the home screen Android

Probably the most annoying ad that pops up on the home screen is when you just swipe the screen looking for an app and it pops up. Sometimes ads are small, but often they just cover the entire screen and nothing can be done.

Sometimes you yourself give permission for such an action, but often applications do not ask you and launch it themselves. For such applications, this is the main way to make money. Sometimes this happens even on a “zero” smartphone. For example, I ran into this on LG G6. Taking it out of the box, I almost immediately started getting ads on my home screen.

Most often, this happens after installing free applications for customizing the interface (wallpapers, launchers, themes, and the like) or after installing system utilities (registry cleaners, etc.). It's just not so easy to define these applications, but there is a way out. However, everything in order.

Disable ads on Android

The simplest harmless place to see ads is the locked screen and notification bar. This is where the advertisements that you yourself have given permission are displayed.

You could have done this when some site suggested that you turn on notifications. That is why most often such ads are displayed with an indication of the site that sent it.

To disable such advertising, just go to the browser settings and uncheck the necessary boxes. In Google Chrome, you need to open the menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper corner. After that open “Settings”, then “Site Settings”, then “Notifications”. Now you can not only turn off all notifications, but also do it for individual sites. It is necessary to click on the name of the site and there again select “Notifications”.

How to disable ads on Android How to disable ads on Android

How to disable ads on Android How to disable ads on Android

This method will not help only if you once agreed with the site's proposal and added its icon to your home screen. If there are any, you just need to remove this icon and forget about advertising.

This is how websites make money on PUSH notifications. Therefore, they try by all legal means to get into your smartphone. But there are also more aggressive advertisers, which are much more difficult to find, but also possible.

How apps send ads

In fact, it's not even just customization apps that can bombard you with annoying ads. These can be quite decent applications. It can also be a virus that is itself an application and torments you with unnecessary information or downloads third-party applications.

How to turn off display over other applications

Again, let's try to go the easy way first. If suddenly you know which application is annoying you with advertising, you can go to the smartphone settings, select the “Applications” section, then select the one you need and scroll through the list of its settings to find the item “On top of other applications”. The wording and location may vary slightly, but as a rule, this item is located in the advanced settings and is called that way.

Then just turn off the display and the ads should no longer bother you. You can uninstall the app altogether if you don't need it.

Without going into the settings of the application itself, you can open the “Special Permissions” item and find “On top of other applications” there. So you will immediately see everything that has such access.

How to disable ads on Android How to disable ads on Android

Just remember that not only suspicious applications can display ads, but also very decent and large ones.

How to identify an app that is showing ads

If you don't know which app is displaying ads, you need to find it. To do this, download the “Ad Detector” application.

The essence of this application is that it analyzes what is happening on your screen and when an advertisement appears, it will show you which application was active at that moment.

Having learned the name of the application, you can go to the settings and do what is described in the previous paragraph. That is, uninstall the application or prevent it from displaying ads over other applications.

How to disable ads on Android How to disable ads on Android

This method only works with applications that do not behave like system applications. To deal with something more global, you need to install another application.

How to see the list of active applications

If the first methods didn't help, install the Goclean app. With it, you can view all active applications in general. Including those that can show ads.

How to disable ads on Android How to disable ads on Android

To do this, go to the “Detector” section and analyze the activity of applications taking into account their launch. It's best to do your analysis after using your smartphone for a while and running into an ad. This is how the application can be defined. Again, it can be a very useful application that just needs to be prohibited from appearing on top of other applications.

How to disable ads permanently

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. But to minimize the occurrence of its occurrence, you must disable the installation of applications from third-party sources. And check what you have installed at all.

Everyone wants to show us ads and try to do it in different ways. Therefore, most viruses do not target your money and passwords from banking applications. It is dangerous because it is illegal. And you can sleep very quickly. It is much easier to get a pretty penny for showing ads, but on an ongoing basis.

The only problem for us is that we do not want to see these ads, and at the same time overload our smartphone. After all, this leads to reduced performance and battery drain.

In the end, I will only add that the applications I have cited must be removed after the “hunt”. They are demanding on the system and analyze all your actions. In normal times, no one wants that.

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