Tangi – Google's TikTok counterpart with video tutorials

How is it that Google releases an app not for Android, but for iOS? The company has released a TikTok analog called Tangi. 6 days ago, the developers of the application published a press release on the official website of Google, but they started writing about it a few days later. The fact is that simply no one expected to see such an application from the Google experimental laboratory. Speaking of the experimental laboratory, we are talking about Area 120. Speaking of TikTok, a smartphone for this service was released not so long ago.

Tangi - Google's TikTok counterpart with video tutorials

Tangi – analogue of TikTok from Google

What is the main purpose of this application? Tangi provides an opportunity for anyone to publish a training video of 60 seconds. This was done in order to save users from the need to watch videos lasting 10-20 minutes with a description of what could be done in one minute. Many YouTube content creators love to pull, and this is because YouTube's algorithms are tuned in such a way that longer videos are encouraged by the service. However, today, when time is in the first place, users cannot spend so many resources on educational content, which is why this application appeared.

But let's be frank, it is unlikely that people who really want to learn something will watch videos that are 60 seconds long simply because it is almost impossible to get any important information in this short period of time. Of course, various small instructions will be published there, but there is no need to talk about something serious. For example, if you need to install a package for Linux, you are unlikely to find information about this in Tangi in an expanded and convenient form. Therefore, Tangi is, rather, a service not for professional assistance, but for entertainment purposes.

Everyone knows that TikTok is popular today due to the fact that it offers users short videos, and at the same time they are quite funny. Users, without bothering, scroll the video feed, and at this moment, of course, people's brains are simply disabled. When I scroll through TikTok, I don't really think about anything, the same will happen from Tangi. It is unlikely that someone will seriously study the content of the service in order to repeat something like that. Most likely, people will just get 'stuck' with cooking because it is a kind of ASRM. Also, people will obviously enjoy make-ups. Speaking of apps, not so long ago Google announced the release of a new messenger based on Gmail, Google Drive and Hangouts.

This is how the Tangi team leader describes his desire to develop such an application:

When I last visited my parents in Shanghai, I noticed them watching videos related to drawing and photography on their smartphones. My mother always had some kind of creativity, and I was pretty surprised that she became an artist through videos like this. I also studied the communities that create these videos and noticed something magical about them; they were able to quickly convey the main point – something that usually takes a long time to study through text and pictures.

Last year, a small team at Area 120, which is working on Google experimental projects, started working on Tangi. It is an experimental social platform for posting short videos that help people learn new things. Tangi translates as Teach and Give (learn and give). When developing the application, the company contacted the creators of such content and listened to their opinion. One of the features of Tangi is a button that allows users to share their work, repeated based on a training video.

There are many categories available in Tangi related to crafting, cooking, cosmetics, clothing, and more. Currently, the application is available only to iPhone users, as well as as a website, but so far this site does not work in Russia. Will Tangi become popular? It is difficult to say, because there are many alternatives on the market in the form of the same TikTok. Of course, these are two different ideas, but the main point is the same.

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