Google Pixel 4a for $ 400 will be presented on August 3. This time exactly?

Oh, how tired of this epic with the release (or not) of the Google Pixel 4a. At one time, it became simply not interesting to watch the endless delays, but I still want to know when it will be released. That is why it became very interesting to us when information appeared that the smartphone would definitely be released on August 3. But is it worth believing in this or is it just another hype on the topic and attempts to be promoted? This time it seems like it really does seem to be true. But now is not a good time to release the Google Pixel 4a. What will the company do? Let's figure it out.

Google Pixel 4a for $ 400 will be presented on August 3.  This time exactly?

Still waiting? Then here's some fresh news.

When was the Google Pixel 4a due?

Last year, the story of the affordable Google Pixel smartphone began. While everyone was talking about the company's smartphones being good, but expensive, Google itself was preparing the very smartphone that would suit everyone. And so it happened. This can explain the company's sales growth in the past year. The model really turned out to be very good and even I liked it very much. It was especially pleasant against the background of the price (less than $ 400). Camera, performance, updates – everything was with him. That is why everyone is waiting for the second generation of that model.

Unlike Apple, which calls “budget” models with the letters SE, and OnePlus, which first had Z and now Nord, Google kept the name of the line. This should hint that such models will come out all the time, and not just as one-time promotions. Otherwise, it was worthwhile to come up with a separate name for the model, which will be updated every few years.

Google Pixel 4a was supposed to appear at the Google I / O conference, which was canceled due to the coronavirus. Since then everything has gone badly and we are still waiting. Perhaps the reason for this was the dismissal of key members of the Google Pixel development team or the coronavirus, which locked engineers and developers at home, but the fact remains that there is no new pixel yet.

Google Pixel 4a for $ 400 will be presented on August 3.  This time exactly?

If there is a Google Pixel 4a, I would like it to be that color.

When the new Google Pixel comes out

Well, it looks like the Google Pixel 4a smartphone will finally see the light of day. According to a recent leak, Google may finally launch its highly anticipated Pixel 4a on August 3rd. And yes, this year.

The information came from renowned consultant and analyst John Prosser. He claims that the smartphone is really ready for the premiere and says that it happened on the following Monday. To make the words sound more convincing, he added that now it is a 100% launch guarantee.

Google Pixel 4a for $ 400 will be presented on August 3.  This time exactly?

Analyst opinion.

Earlier on August 3, it was already featured in some leaks. However, like Google I / O, and the beginning of June, and July 3, and July 13, and boxes that were allegedly already in stores back in April. There was even information, supported by logic, that the new product will be released simultaneously with the Google Pixel 5 this fall, as a budget version of its line. Even the smartphone that was lit up on the Google website made me wonder if this was true.

Google Pixel 4a for $ 400 will be presented on August 3.  This time exactly?

This is how the new Pixel appeared on the Google website.

It is impossible to say yet whether we will have another delay, but with an analyst who so confidently says that “infa weaving”, I want to believe. I would say that if the smartphone does not come out now, then definitely do not expect it before the release of the Google Pixel 5, or even next year. For now, we are just waiting for the third of August with interest and see what happens.

Google Pixel 4a specifications

We have already accumulated a lot of leaks, which revealed to us, it seems, all the characteristics of a smartphone that does not exist yet. According to them, the Google Pixel 4a will come with a 5.81-inch screen AMOLED with a resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels) and a hole (or notch – not clear yet) for the front . The smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 730 paired with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

As for the cameras, there will be one main 12.2 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. The main camera will also have an optical and electronic image stabilization system. According to some reports, the smartphone will support 1080p shooting at 30, 60 and 120 frames per second and 720p at 240 frames per second. For 4K video recording, we count at 30fps. The front selfie camera will allow you to shoot a maximum of 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Google Pixel 4a for $ 400 will be presented on August 3.  This time exactly?

We need this Pixel 4a.

When it comes to pricing, the Pixel 4a should sit between the $ 400 to $ 500 price segment. If what the expert said is true, then the wait will not be long and in less than a week we will know everything. True, I continue to be sure that the moment is missed. It was necessary to release a smartphone exactly in the middle between the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 5. That way it was possible to collect maximum cream from it. And also, then he could compete with iPhone SE, which is his main rival. Now, on top of that, there's the OnePlus Nord, which costs the same but offers the best hardware.

In general, there is a feeling that the new Pixel of the “a” line can simply crush two such monsters as iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord. And then there is the cheaper Samsung Galaxy A51. Let's see how it works out, but I'm pretty sure Google isn't exactly shining at the top of the sales rankings this year. And in the next, and through, and through, and through … And there it will be seen. It's a shame, the phone is good.

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