How to create a folder on Android and password protect it

Folder at Android How to create a folder on Android is a frequently asked question. The number of tablet and smartphone users on this operating system is constantly increasing, with almost everyone trying to customize the interface and the entire system in the most convenient way.

How to make storage for files and applications

Grouping similar files, programs, data, and so on makes it easier to find and access them.

Directories for storing files can be created not only in Explorer (file manager), but also in the device menu.

The procedure for adding such an element may differ slightly depending on which placement option you are interested in: on the desktop, in the menu, or in the file manager.

So, to create a folder in the system menu Android, you need to enter it. Then press the 'Menu' button. It's on every smartphone and tablet (next to the Home button). There is also such a button in the navigation system. It can be in some corner and look like three points located vertically.

After clicking it, an additional window appears in which you need to select 'New folder'. Next, select the applications that you want to put in it and click 'OK'. As you can see, everything is simple.

Create a new folder in the menu

Creating a directory in the menu

By analogy, you can make a directory for applications on the desktop. Exit to your desktop and click the button we already know. Now select 'Add'. Next click on 'Folder'. The system will offer to select programs to be placed in the created storage.

Create a folder on the desktop

If you need to make a folder in the file explorer, then there is nothing difficult here either. First, go to the desired directory. For example, into a memory card. Now we press the 'Menu' button again, and select the action we need in the proposed list.

Creating a folder in the file manager

Now all that remains is to come up with a name for the newly created repository and click 'OK'.

New folder in file manager

You should have no difficulty in this very simple process.

So, we figured out the creation of the repository. Now you can move on to the system of protection and assignment of passwords for specific applications and data.

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How to set a password

The operating system itself Android does not allow setting a password for a folder. There are no such opportunities in it. But you can install an application to lock programs and directories. There are a lot of such programs. The most common are KNOX, Apps Locker Master and Smart AppLock (gateway).

Folder lock app

The main thing is to find a version for your device that supports the directory locking function. For example, the AppLock 'Gateway' utility creates a vault for photos and videos: launch the application and open the menu. Here you will see the directories you need. Anything you put in them will be blocked. You can open these files only by specifying a password.

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How to create a folder on Android: Video

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How to create a folder on Android and password protect it?

Phone password Android Users of devices based on Android may face the problem of oversaturation of the desktop or the need to create a folder in the internal memory of the phone or tablet.

Create a folder on the desktop

To create a folder for storing applications or their shortcuts on the desktop, you just need to combine two icons with each other. The system will automatically create a folder where the combined shortcuts will be stored.

Folder on the desktop

You choose the name of the folder yourself. Subsequent addition of files occurs by moving applications to the folder icon.

To rename a folder, just open it and click on the name at the bottom (the default is an untitled folder).

Folder name

Some OS versions allow you to create an empty folder on your desktop. To do this, you need to hold your finger on an empty space for a couple of seconds until a special menu appears.

Create a folder on the Android desktop

Then we select the item “folder” and enter its name.

Folder name

After that, the folder will appear on the desktop. Moving a folder or changing its name follows the same scheme as in the first case.

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To sort your existing photos or pictures, you can create a storage folder in the gallery. To do this, you need to enter the application for viewing photos (Google Photos) and press the menu button at the top right of the screen.

Create album in gallery

The user is prompted to create an album, shared album, animation, movie or collage.

Album title

Once you've created an album, you can move files to it that will be stored separately. The user can set a name and a photo that will be displayed on the folder cover.

Shared Album assumes that those Google Account users who have been granted access can view, add, and delete files in this folder.

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Create a folder on your phone

To organize the storage of files on your device, you can create a folder in the internal memory of your device. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Open the installed file manager (files / Files) and go to the data store. Select the 'create folder' item from the menu. Create a folder

The system prompts you to enter the name of the new folder. This will make it easy to find the information stored there.

Name for the new folder

  1. Using third-party file managers.

ES File Explorer is a handy solution for creating a new compartment in the device's memory.

ES Explorer

The application allows you to select the location of the created folder – internal memory or SD card, change the name. It can be used to transfer the required files to a new location.

Cx Explorer Cx Explorer Download QR-Code Cx File Explorer Developer: Cx File Explorer Price: Free back to content

How do I set a password for a folder?

For the safety of personal information, the user of an Android-based device can set a special password for the data folders. This can be done using special applications from the Google Play Store.

File & Folder Secure. A simple application that allows you to block unauthorized access to folders in the gallery or internal device storage.

Folder password

One of the features that make the app more attractive is the ability to restore access via email or SMS.

Файл & Folder Secure Файл & Folder Secure Download QR-Code File & Folder Secure Developer: click studio Price: Free

AppLock. A proven universal application that allows you to lock folders, programs and restrict access to the capabilities of your smartphone by unauthorized persons.

Here you can select the necessary files and set the unlock theme that the user will like.

Unlock Screen Themes

It's very interesting that you can hide numbers behind photos, change their location and set a unique pattern.

gateway (AppLock) gateway (AppLock) Download QR-Code Gateway (AppLock) Developer: DoMobile Lab Price: Free

There are many options to choose from among Google's privacy offerings. Users of devices on OS Android can protect themselves and their data in case the device falls into the wrong hands, is lost or left unattended.

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