How to copy contacts from phone to computer

Transfer contacts to PC In some circumstances, the Android user needs to transfer or view contacts stored on the device using a PC. This may be needed when the device breaks down, data transfer, to add contacts to email or another account, etc.

This can be done in several ways.

Through the Internet

All contacts are saved in the device memory and can be synchronized with a Google account. To enable synchronization, you need to specify the account settings in the contacts menu.

Google account settings

After that, all contacts will be automatically copied to your account and can be viewed on any device with Internet access.

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Export contacts to VCF file

Create document on memory card (copy to VCF file). This requires that a suitable format card (microSD) is installed in the smartphone.

Export contacts to VCF file

The user needs to go to the contacts copy menu (contacts – menu – settings) and select the “export” item. The device offers to copy the data from the device or account in VCF format.

Copy contacts from device

After that, it is enough to select a save location. After connecting the smartphone to the computer, you need to go to the “memory” section and select the business card file. The data can be saved for viewing on a computer or adding to any program.

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Third Party Apps (AirDroid)

Third party applications can be used. Google Play has special utilities that offer to transfer data from phone to PC or cloud services.

AirDroid is one of the simple and easy-to-use programs that allows you to control the device Android through a computer. When you start it for the first time, you must register.

AirDroid registration

The application must be installed on both the phone and the computer.

AirDroid for PC

The menu is presented in the form of several windows with a list of available functions and other information. By switching over the icons on the left side of the screen, you can access data stored on your phone, including contacts, messages and other information.

AirDroid: Remote Access & Files AirDroid: Remote Access & Files Download QR-Code AirDroid: Remote Access & Files Developer: SAND STUDIO Price: Free to Content

ADB protocol

This method is for advanced users. Suitable if the phone was damaged, stopped ringing, but at the same time has the USB debugging function enabled. Activation is done through the developer menu. To switch to developer mode, you need to tap on the assembly number of the device several times (settings – about the device). The computer must have the ADB drivers for the specific smartphone installed. Be sure to remember the unpacking address of the archive, for example, D: // ADB with data.

It is necessary to run the command line on the PC via the start menu. Register the cmd command and agree to launch the cmd.exe application. In the window that opens, you need to translate the terminal to the folder with the installed drivers – cdd: // ADB. After completing the last procedure, you should write a long command: adb pull /data/data/ / home / user / phone_backup /.

After that, the contact2.db file will appear in the folder with the adb terminal. It can be opened with a special editor or notepad.

To find the contacts file in the device's memory, go to: /data/data/

Since this folder is a system folder, you will not be able to get this information without superuser (root) rights.

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Copy SMS from phone to computer

To copy sms messages to a computer, you will need to use special applications that create an additional copy and allow you to synchronize it with the cloud or use it for viewing on a PC.

SMS Backup & Restore is one of the programs that allow you to save important information in the cloud and dispose of it at your own discretion.

SMS backup

After installation, the user is offered options for where to save messages (Google Drive, Dropbox, oneDrive, to the phone).

SMS backup

After determining the location, the program offers to configure automatic archiving.

Archiving messages

Other similar applications on the Market work in a similar way.

SMS Backup & Restore SMS Backup & Restore Download QR-Code SMS Backup & Restore Developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd Price: Free back to content

How to transfer contacts to a SIM card and back

If the user needs to save contacts for use on a device that does not have Internet access or does not have the ability to link to a Google account, then you can use another simple and reliable way – a sim card.

To transfer contacts to the card, you need to go to the phone book, click the menu, control / settings and select the “export” item.

Export contacts

After that, you need to specify the save location.

Transferring contacts to a SIM card

The selected contacts are copied to the SIM card. It is important to take into account that the memory of the operator card is limited. Not all contacts that are on a smartphone are copied at one time.

After installing the SIM card in a new device, you need to remove the contacts from the SIM memory.

The procedure differs in that you need to select the “import” item and select the device memory or account account as the place to save.

Transfer contacts from SIM card to phone

This simple method is suitable when you need to quickly copy data to another device without the ability to connect to the Internet.

An old SIM card can serve as a notebook, in the memory of which important numbers will remain. If necessary, just insert it into any smartphone.

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