How to connect a modem to a tablet?

Beeline 4g modem When purchasing a tablet, the buyer can pursue different goals. If the device is necessary for viewing documents, as an e-book or a video player, then you may not pay attention to the possibility of independent access to the Internet, but at certain moments it can be important. The solution will be an external 3g usb modem. Please make sure this accessory matches your tablet model before purchasing. Information can be found on the manufacturer's website or by contacting customer support.

You can connect the modem to the tablet via a standard USB port or using an OTG cable.

USB modem for tablet

If the computer immediately recognizes the device and downloads the necessary software, then the pocket version of the PC (tablet) often identifies the USB modem as a storage device. To overcome this difficulty in connection, you must use a stationary computer or laptop.

For the device to work correctly with the tablet, you must disable the SIM card pin-code.

The external modem must be set to 'modem only' mode. To do this, in the connection program, go to the device settings and select the appropriate item.

How do I put my modem in “modem only” mode?

If this parameter is not found, you should use third-party programs. The principle of operation is simple:

  • 3G Modem Mode Switcher for ZTE and Huawei.

The program is intended for devices of specified brands only. These devices are popular with mobile operators (Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele2).

3G Modem Mode Switcher for ZTE and Huawei

The 'modem only' mode is activated by pressing the corresponding key (while the functions of the drive and the card reader will be disabled), to change the settings, use the 'add. functions'.

  • HyperTerminal.

The program works with most devices. The utility must be downloaded and installed on your computer. For further work, you need information about the modem. You must connect the device and do not disconnect it until the end of the setup.

The algorithm of actions is simple. You need to go to the computer tab (through a shortcut or Start – Computer), open the system properties by clicking the button at the top of the screen or through the context menu (right-click) – properties.

System properties

Select the 'Device Manager' item and then find the connected modem in the list. Enter the device properties and go to the modem tab. You can leave this window open or write down the information: port number and port speed for the modem.

Modem in device manager

After that, you should start HyperTerminal. At the first start, the program will ask you to enter a name.

Modem terminal

After entering, press OK. In the settings window that opens, specify the port number and speed that correspond to the connected device.

Modem port and speed

This will open the command entry field. The first task will be ate1, after receiving the answer, press OK.

The following command allows you to enable modem only mode: AT ^ U2DIAG = 0

Terminal command

To enable the modem + CD, you need to replace zero with 1 (AT ^ U2DIAG = 1).

To display AT commands in the field, you must enable this function. File button, Properties.

Terminal properties

In the window that opens, select the Setting tab and set the marks in the indicated places.

Terminal settings

After that, press OK two times. All commands will be displayed in the input field. After completing the manipulations, the modem must be removed.

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Manual APN activation

Another procedure that can help when connecting an external modem is manually activating the APN point.

On the tablet, go to Settings – Wireless networks and check the 3G line.

Enable 3G

Then go to the settings of the mobile network. Make sure that the data transfer mode is enabled and select the APN access point item.

Configuring APN Access Point

Next, select the item “new access point” and enter the required data of the mobile operator. Check them in the call center.

Internet connection settings

Then save the settings. The network connection must be active.

This setting is usually automatic.

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Tablet with built-in modem

Of course, if the tablet has a built-in modem, then this greatly expands its capabilities. Many manufacturers release devices with a 3G or 4G set-top box, which means that there is a wireless Internet signal receiver inside. The case provides for the installation of a SIM card. Most of them can be used as a telephone if necessary.

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How to go online

After connecting an external modem to the tablet or installing a SIM card, access to the network may be limited. This happens due to the fact that it is necessary to enable data transfer. You can find the power button behind a retractable curtain (like a smartphone) or in the settings.

Mobile data transmission

If you use iPad, you need to go to Settings – Cellular data – APN settings.

Setting APN to iOS

Make sure that data transfer is enabled. If necessary, enter the APN settings and specify the necessary information (check with the operator).

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