How to charge a new phone on OS Android

Charge your new phone

Having bought a new smartphone, each of us hopes that it will delight for many years with flawless performance. The phone on Android is fully capable of coping with the task, if you follow it properly from the first day. After recharging the device, the happy owner enjoys the new opportunities, but already in the first months of operation, he notices that the device began to discharge quickly and is generally unable to hold a charge for a long time. There may be many reasons for this, but the main one is an elementary ignorance of how to properly charge a new phone Android.

Types of rechargeable batteries

It is very important to properly charge your smartphone to Android for the first time, but for this you need to know which battery is installed in it. Depending on the model, and to a greater extent on the year of manufacture, your smartphone may have the following type of battery:

  • nickel metal hydride;
  • nickel-cadmium;
  • lithium ion;
  • lithium polymer.

The first two batteries were installed on older models and are practically not found today. They are distinguished by a large number of cycles, are immune to ambient temperature, but are large in thickness, have a lower capacity and have a memory effect. It was they who made special requirements for charging, which explains the current misunderstanding of users on how to properly charge the smartphone battery at Android.

The third and fourth types are more perfect, compact, with a larger capacity. Modern gadgets are equipped with just such.

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Steps to take to properly charge your new phone

Typically, the phone is charged when the remaining charge is close to 20%. Below this level, there is a risk that Android will turn itself off. This should be done more frequently during colder seasons as the battery capacity drops and it discharges faster.

In this case, it is important to observe the rules common to all devices:

  • use original chargers;
  • Nickel batteries must be fully charged and discharged. Lithium – charge to the optimum value without fully discharging;
  • do not leave the charger plugged into an outlet.

Charge your phone at Android The switched off phone does not consume power, therefore it charges faster and more completely. Ideally, the process should look like this:

  1. Compliance with the safety requirements of the electrical network and the performance of sockets and connectors are checked.
  2. The charger is checked for serviceability and compatibility with the smartphone.
  3. The gadget is connected to a charger.
  4. Charging is included in the network.
  5. The phone disconnects after charging.

Nickel battery gadgets need to be calibrated once a month. The first time before using it you need to do it like this:

  1. Turn off and charge your smartphone to 100%.
  2. Disconnect the charger, turn on the gadget and adjust the screen so that it does not turn off.
  3. Bring the charge level to full.
  4. Leave with the display on until full discharge.
  5. Raise the charge again to 100%.

For convenience, you can use a calibrator application – for example, Battery Doctor.

Now it is clear how to properly discharge and charge a new phone after purchase. The battery with nickel – only completely. For lithium batteries, it is optimal to maintain a charge in the range of 40-60%, without bringing it to a level below 20%. It is better to charge your phone several times a day than completely once.

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Users are always worried about how to charge Android so as not to ruin the battery. They are interested in all the nuances, although in fact there are no special subtleties. A modern battery is designed for two to three years of work, no matter how you charge it. The instructions for new devices in the paragraph about the charging procedure do not say anything. Therefore, there are many opinions and differences on this score. Charging the phone on the OS Android

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How much to charge

You need to charge only as much as the battery can take. It is not necessary to turn it off after the end of the charge (the green LED has gone out). The microcircuits built into the charger and the battery will disconnect them from the mains, and there will be no additional load on the battery. The small current may draw on the charger, so it is best to unplug it from the wall outlet.

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How to recharge your phone

Only a gadget with an old-style battery should be charged in a special way (with calibration). This will avoid the memory effect. New batteries are not susceptible to such a disease, and there is no point in complex manipulations.

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Is it possible to charge the device at night

The phone needs to be charged to the required charge level. After the end of the process, it is recommended to disconnect it from the power source. You can leave it on the network overnight, but it makes sense only if you need a fully charged phone in the morning.

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USB charging from a computer

The smartphone can be charged not only from the outlet, for this a laptop or PC with a USB connector is suitable. In this case, the same cable is used as supplied with the device. The cord is removed from the charging block, inserted into a computer port, and the phone is charged. But before that you need to turn on the 'Charge Only' mode to Android (debug function).

It is important to remember that charging in this case will take longer than usual. And after a complete discharge, this method is not always possible. In addition, not all tablet manufacturers provide this option for their devices – some devices can only be charged when switched off. But Samsung, Toshiba and others equip laptops with the sleep-and-charge function, thanks to which charging Android via USB is carried out even when the computer is turned off.

Some motherboard manufacturers (Asus) are adding a boost charge function that increases the charging current through the laptop's USB from 0.5 to 1.2 A.

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How to speed up charging

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 1.0 or 2.0 fast charging technology allows you to charge Android several times faster by increasing the charging voltage from 5 to 12 V. After purchasing such an adapter, the function can be activated on devices supporting the technology as follows:

  1. In the settings menu, enter the 'System';
  2. Select the section 'Energy saving' (Battery);
  3. Check the box next to 'Fast charging'.

Compliance with the following recommendations will help speed up the process:

  • turn off the device before charging;
  • charge from the outlet;
  • when charging via USB from a computer, select the correct port (USB 3.0);
  • watch the temperature in the room (optimal +22 ° С);
  • use dedicated software applications, more powerful USB adapters and a Y-shaped cable.

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How to check the battery capacity of your phone

After five hundred charge-discharge cycles, the battery capacity is approximately halved. This is not influenced by either its cost or the manufacturer's brand. A quick discharge is alarming and requires an assessment of the condition of the battery. This can be done in several ways:

  • with the help of visual inspection – swellings and traces of corrosion are clearly visible;
  • programmatically: by entering a special code or using an application – for example, Battery Repair;
  • using a laptop using standard tools Windows;
  • using measuring equipment – for example, a tester.

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How to properly charge a smartphone or what the battery is afraid of: Video

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