117 new emoji introduced: matryoshka and transgender

The Unicode Consortium has released version 13 of emoji, which has added 62 new characters and 55 different emoji with a variety of skin color and gender options. This time, the consortium focused on gender inclusion and transgenderness. Also added were animal emojis and even a Russian nesting doll. In the article, we will consider all the new symbols. We also note that the first updates for operating systems with support for the new 13th version emoji will appear in September-October this year. Probably, we are talking about new iPhone and iOS 14.

117 new emoji introduced: matryoshka and transgender

So here's a list of all the new emoji:

  • Smiling face with a tear
  • face with mask
  • Italian gesture with collected fingers
  • anatomical heart
  • lungs
  • ninja
  • man in tuxedo
  • the man with the veil
  • woman feeding baby
  • man feeding a baby
  • person feeding a baby
  • transgender santa claus
  • hugs of people
  • black cat
  • buffalo
  • mammoth
  • beaver
  • polar bear
  • Mauritian dodo (dodo)
  • pen
  • seal
  • bug
  • cockroach
  • fly
  • worm
  • plant in the pot
  • blueberry
  • olives
  • bell pepper
  • cake
  • Tamale
  • fondue
  • teapot
  • tea with tapioca balls
  • rock
  • wood
  • hut
  • pickup
  • roller Skates
  • Magic wand
  • mexican pinata toy
  • matryoshka
  • sewing needle
  • knot
  • beach sandals
  • military helmet
  • accordion
  • latin american long drum
  • coin
  • boomerang
  • screwdriver
  • hook
  • stairs
  • elevator
  • mirror
  • window
  • plunger
  • mousetrap
  • bucket
  • Toothbrush
  • tombstone
  • stencil
  • transgender symbol
  • transgender flag

117 new emoji introduced: matryoshka and transgender

Image of all new emoji

Symbols have already been sent to all major companies, which will be presenting new versions of operating systems with updated emoji from September. It seems to my colleagues that there are too many of them. I think it's funny, and the more new emojis there are, the more varied and interesting the dialogues. However, some think differently. Someone thinks that we do not need ladder or screwdriver emojis, and there is one caveat here – emoji help a lot in our work. For example, they can be conveniently embedded in work notes so that you can easily navigate by them. For example, in Notion, each note can be set its own emoji, and this allows you not to read the text of the note itself, but to quickly navigate through it by visual perception. The same applies to websites: emoji allow you to get rid of the need to use various svg images in the design, which makes the site easier and faster.

And in dialogues, a variety of emoji will allow you to quickly and expressively depict your emotions, because sometimes it is not so easy to do it with text. It's interesting to know which emoji you liked the most. For example, I liked the smile with a tear emoji. Share your opinion in the comments to this publication and do not forget about our Telegram chat.

Earlier on animoji our colleague Oleg Svirgstin described his opinion on the website Apple Insider.ru. Google is also preparing, in addition to introducing new emoji, to release a messenger based on Gmail, Google Drive and Hangouts.

And not so long ago, I gave up on compact phones so that as many new transgender emojis as possible fit on my smartphone screen. Also, if you are interested in how smartphones Xiaomi are inferior to more expensive phones, you can read our recent publication. Emojis are beautiful, but how beautiful are you? This will be indicated by a new application that, based on neural networks, sets points on a beauty scale.

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