Motorola started selling foldable Razr and released new videos about it

The day came when Motorola started accepting orders for the Razr announced last year Motorola. This smartphone is a continuation, or one might even say, a modern rethinking of the legendary push-button clamshell of the past, which at one time caused more respect for the wealth of its owner than the top-end configuration iPhone now. It was truly a legendary phone. Then it began to gradually fall in price, equaled in price with ordinary pipes, and after that it went into circulation altogether, giving way to smartphones. It would seem an inglorious end, but it is back and can already be ordered.

Motorola started selling foldable Razr and released new videos about it

Are you waiting for such a smartphone?

How can you buy Motorola Razr

It is worth mentioning that one of the most interesting novelties of the year can only be reserved in the United States, and even then only for Verizon customers. In the US, it is Verizon that has the exclusive rights to distribute the smartphone. The Razr itself will go on sale on February 6 at a price of $ 1,499, but it will hardly be possible to simply buy it, since the demand will be very high and Verizon promises to deliver the novelty around February 18.

Demand will also be high due to the relatively low price. It is $ 500 lower than the one that is sometimes voiced in relation to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Although, according to updated information, it will be even lower than the price of the Razr, but we still have to wait for its release, Motorola has already done everything.

Video review Motorola Razr 2020

Also today there were several videos showing the new smartphone from all available sides. They allow you to make an even more complete impression of the new product.

The first video, called 'Discover razr', shows a general view of the smartphone with an emphasis on close-ups. He also demonstrates the box of the device. I have already explained why the box is important. Moreover, it provides sound amplification. This technology even has its own name – Nightstand Amplifier.

Based on the video, it becomes clear that the aspect ratio of the screen is 21: 9. Motorola calls this Cinematic Flex View. It is with this aspect ratio that professional videos are shot. Sony has tried this before, but not in clamshells. Apparently it did not work, but the price there was simply enormous.

In addition to the main 6.2-inch P – OLED display, there is also a 2.7-inch quick view display that displays notifications, makes mobile payments, controls streaming music, answers calls and takes selfies unnecessarily open the smartphone itself. Let me remind you that this was also the case on top-end clamshells in the era of their popularity.

Motorola claims the Razr will last all day thanks to a 2510mAh battery (it should charge quickly), and the nano-coating will keep rain and splash out.

The following video shows unpacking Motorola razr. Included, in addition to the smartphone itself, is a bag for carrying accessories, which includes a charger with support for “Turbo” mode. It will charge your smartphone for several hours in a few minutes. The case also contains a pair of Razr headphones. Phone buyers will need to consider activating an eSIM. It replaces the old-fashioned SIM card with a chip soldered to the motherboard.

The third video should explain to Razr owners how to take care of their new smartphone. In order not to damage the nano-coating of the display, it is necessary to wipe it gently and try not to get as little splashes as possible, although there is protection from them.

The manufacturer warns Razr owners not to use a screen protector. In addition, it is worth remembering that you cannot remove the film that was initially glued to the screen. Probably in order not to repeat the fate of the first Galaxy Fold games.

At the end, it is added that it is necessary to protect the smartphone from sharp objects and, before putting it into a pocket, fold it. In general, everything is logical. They said nothing new.

The following video shows how to use gestures on the Motorola Razr. For example, turning on the flashlight, taking a screenshot with a tap of three fingers, and the navigation button. In addition, you can turn on the camera by shaking the phone to the side. This is convenient when you don't want to separately trigger the camera. Perhaps this will save you a second or two.

The fifth video shows you how you can use the external display to switch music, caller ID, voice typing, or take selfies. There is nothing else in the video.

The last video is dedicated to the photo-capabilities of the novelty. For selfies, there is a gesture to start the timer. You just need to show your palm to the camera. In addition, the photo is automatically taken when the subject is smiling.

Portraits can be shot with blurred backgrounds, and lighting can be changed for dramatic effects. Night Vision allows you to shoot without flash in the dark, and “Camera Cartoon” makes shooting children more fun. A funny animation will be shown on the external display. Not forgotten, and the fashionable function “Cinemagraph”, which animates one part of the photo, while everything else remains static.

Should you buy the Motorola Razr?

It is very difficult to answer this question unambiguously, since you must first touch it. One thing is certain – the smartphone will be very interesting. It's nice that the company has released just such a rethink. This is a very beautiful and timely move on her part. The main thing is that it doesn't work out like with the republished Nokia 3310.

Although, such a development of events is unlikely. It was just released at a time when no one needed it, and Razr came out not just as a tool of nostalgia, but also as soon as possible in the wake of the popularity of folding smartphones.

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