How to calibrate the battery to Android

It is believed that the battery life does not exceed three to four years. In general, the statement is correct, although there are exceptions. But with the fact that the autonomy of gadgets running the OS Android is negligible, hardly anyone can argue. Shortly after purchase, users find that the battery life does not match the manufacturer's specifications. The issue is solved by a banal replacement, and the battery calibration to Android helps to reanimate the device. This is unlikely to help an old battery, but with a new one you can and should try.

How to calibrate the battery to Android

Battery calibration – what is it

When it became noticeable that the new battery was discharging suspiciously quickly, you should immediately understand the reasons. There may be many of them, but perhaps this is the influence of the so-called memory effect.

The battery Android has a built-in controller that collects statistics on consumption and the actual remaining charge. If it does not work correctly, the gadget may turn off at the normal actual level. More often, the battery loses capacity and does not charge enough.

The fact is that the controller 'remembers' the limits to which the battery must be charged. If this system fails, the wrong initial parameters will be used with all the consequences. And then you need to re-optimize the battery settings, which, in fact, is called calibration. If it turns out to calibrate the battery to Android, the standard controller settings are reformatted and the device will again fully receive and hold a charge for as long as possible.

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When Calibration Needed

The procedure is not always required. If the battery is swollen, she cannot help.

As a rule, calibration is required for relatively new batteries, the autonomy of which is questionable.

For example, if a gadget could usually work for a couple of days, but suddenly it began to discharge in a day or completely turn off at a normal charge level.

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Manual calibration on smartphone Android

It is necessary to consider the possibilities of such an operation as calibrating the battery Android of a smartphone, in the context of having root rights. If they are, some of the hidden features of the OS will be subject to the user, including accurate calibration. This can also be done without rooting, but the quality will be lower. But this very complicated and risky process of rooting and the subsequent installation of special utilities is not required. All that is needed is the charger and the device itself.

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Without root access

Now about how to manually calibrate the battery to Android in the most accessible ways for novice users. There are two of them: with the help of special programs and without them. There are many of the former, and some of them actually improve battery performance.

The meaning of all methods is the same and is reduced to the sequential repetition of several complete charge cycles. This does not have a positive effect on the lifespan, but it can expand the capacitive range of the controller or, as they say, overclock the battery. So let's take a look at how battery calibration Android is performed without root rights.

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No additional utilities

The easiest way, which does not require intervention in the system and third-party programs, is as follows:

  1. The battery is fully charged.
  2. The charger is turned off, and the gadget turns off. If the battery is removable, take it out for a few minutes and then put it back in.
  3. The switched off device is put on charge again until the end message.
  4. The gadget turns on, sleep mode is disabled in the display settings (the screen should not turn off).
  5. After a spontaneous shutdown, the device again charges up to 100% and reboots. This will help the controller determine the true charge value.

That's all, just don't forget about re-enabling sleep mode. If one procedure does not solve the problem, several cycles can be done for greater confidence in success (some recommend up to five). This procedure can also be used on a completely new device.

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Using Battery Monitor

Software tools require knowledge of the exact parameters of the battery – primarily the capacity. Free apps are available on Google Play. Experienced users recommend using the Battery Monitor, which monitors and displays the remaining charge in real time. How on Android to calibrate the battery using this utility? You must perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Install and run Battery Monitor.
  2. In the configuration wizard that opens, in the section for current detection method, check the box next to 'Automatic'. How to calibrate the battery to Android
  3. Indicate the required (declared by the manufacturer) parameters. How to calibrate the battery to Android
  4. Set the way to receive data. It is optimal to use 'Default'. The data will be recorded only when the system receives information about the charge from the hardware. For greater accuracy, you can select the 'Every minute while charging' option. How to calibrate the battery to Android
  5. If the device does not provide data on capacity / current consumption, you must enter them yourself in the 'Calibration' tab. How to calibrate the battery to AndroidFor this you need to know them. You can find out the values ​​by reading on the battery itself or on the manufacturer's official website. You can also use the program code – type##4636##on the keyboard and select 'Battery Information' in the menu that opens.
  6. Exit the application. It is considered that after adjustment the parameters will be brought to the specified ones.

The utility, which has a convenient widget, will continuously monitor the status, and after a full charge / discharge of the battery, it will give out the value of the capacity, temperature and voltage. Moreover, the more cycles, the smaller the error will be.

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As root

Such a battery calibration at Android is already the diocese of more advanced users. If there is no knowledge and experience, it is better not to take risks, otherwise you can get the opposite effect: instead of optimization, you will find a lot of new problems. Nevertheless, experts say that this is the most effective method. There are two ways:

  • Through Recovery mode.
  • Using the Battery Calibration app.

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Using Recovery Mode

The OS Android has many interesting features hidden from the user's eyes. For example, the engineering menu or recovery mode. The first is a special utility used by developers at the final stage of system configuration. With its help, testing of the main components is carried out, as well as obtaining system information. Recovery Mode is also used by developers or engineers to install / configure firmware and reset to factory settings.

Login is performed differently on models from different manufacturers. You need to act as follows:

  1. Turn off the gadget.
  2. Hold down the volume key (+), the Home button and the power key, without releasing any. If the Home button is not provided by the design, the power and volume down keys are simultaneously clamped. For Sony, you need to press the power button, wait for a double vibration, and then hold down the volume up key.
  3. Go to the 'Additional' section and select Wipe battery stats. This will reset all previous calibration settings. How to calibrate the battery to Android
  4. Discharge Android to complete shutdown and recharge without turning on.
  5. After fully charging, turn on without disconnecting from the charger (must be connected to the mains), and calibrate using Battery Calibration.

Calibrating the battery to Android through the engineering menu is not difficult if you know how to enter it. The entrance is done using a set of combinations of lattices, asterisks and numbers. Each manufacturer uses different variants (for example, for Samsung -##4636.

Hard reset can be done in this menu without entering Recovery mode. In addition, it will be possible to increase the battery life by decreasing the charging voltage at the address: pmic device, set charging current voltage. The battery will take longer to charge, but it will also hold a charge better.

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Through Battery Calibration

This app will help you to properly calibrate your battery to Android. The program will do the job by deleting the system file batterystats.bin, of course the utility will have to be installed first. After that, the program will show the actual charge level / current and tell you what to do:

  1. Put the device on charge and wait until it is fully charged.
  2. Press the calibration button.

How to calibrate the battery to Android

It is important to understand that the application is used at your own risk. There are known cases of problems with fast charging.

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Calibrating the tablet battery to Android

Battery Calibration Android – Tablet is available in the same ways. Better, of course, to use software, but in general there is no difference. The operating system Android is the same everywhere. Differences can only be in appearance (optimization for screen resolution and aspect ratio, installation of unique skins from the manufacturer, and so on). But the architecture itself remains unchanged.

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Non-removable battery calibration Android

On devices with a non-removable battery, it is impossible to detect early signs of battery failure. The battery must change a lot in order for the user to feel it through the back of the case. In this case, only replacement will help. How do I calibrate a non-removable battery to Android while it is still 'alive'? The process itself is no different from the version with a removable battery, except that you cannot pull it out.

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What after calibration

If we assume that the battery setup was successful, all that remains is to properly organize energy saving, monitor the status and follow the rules for charging the battery. The following measures are recommended:

  1. Adjusting and optimizing the brightness of the display (preferably the entire device).
  2. Installing a program to save battery. For example, DU Battery Saver or Battery Doctor.
  3. Disable unused apps, notifications and features.
  4. High temperature protection of the battery.
  5. If possible, avoid using mobile accessories, USB and fast charging.
  6. Purchase an additional battery.

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Battery statistics and reset

Everything the user needs to know about the battery can be found under the 'Battery' section of the settings menu. It displays information about the percentage of the OS charge, programs and gadget modules. More detailed statistics can be found in the service menu. How to enter there, we have already told.

To accurately calibrate, you need to know how to reset the battery statistics on Android. There are two ways available:

  • Deleting the batterystats.bin file located in /data/system/batterystats.bin. To do this, there must be a file manager like Root Explorer and a pre-rooted phone. Removal is performed from a device connected to the network.
  • Using the CWM-recovery application. But this method is for advanced users who are not afraid to change the OS parameters.

How to calibrate the battery to Android

You need to charge the battery to 100% and delete the above file, then restart the gadget and use it until it is completely discharged. The discharge log will be written to this file, which will help the controller determine the flow rate more accurately.

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Battery Calibration: Video

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