Samsung's $ 1400 phone camera breaks on its own

Sometimes there are some events when you want to exclaim “Aaaa! You could have screwed up like this … ”. This applies, first of all, to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was released a couple of months ago, but still suffers from some incomprehensible series of problems that only happen to it. It is possible that users and journalists themselves wind up and exaggerate the scale of the problems, but all the same, what is happening looks like a very strange coincidence. Could it be that everything came together on exactly one model. As if the company did something bad to someone and got instant karma. All this is strange, but it is as it is.

Samsung's $ 1400 phone camera breaks on its own

So it looks cool, but if you break it …

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera problems

This time, the problem was not even the camera itself, about which we already wrote earlier, but its coverage. More precisely, a protective glass that covers the camera modules on the back of the smartphone. At the same time, the scale of the problem cannot be called insignificant. This is a serious design flaw, and even if users prove that they are not to blame for the damage and that the repair will be under warranty, it is still a waste of time, nerves and even money.

The crux of the problem is that some users have reported broken glass above the rear view camera module without any drops or significant bumps on the phone.

The message appeared on Samsung user forums. Victims of design features claim that their smartphone's camera glass shattered for no apparent reason and completely by accident. All of them assure that their smartphones have not experienced any falls or serious impacts. Many even used good protective covers, but that didn't save them.

Samsung's $ 1400 phone camera breaks on its own

Oh, how unpleasant …

For some, the camera does not break, but cracks or scratches appear on it. This is very unpleasant, first of all, because people paid a lot of money for devices, the main feature of which is the camera. As a result, they cannot use it. Before that they had problems with focus, and now their camera glasses are breaking. I don't think I need to explain that if the crack crosses the lens, the camera can no longer be used.

It is difficult to say whether those users whose glass is completely broken are more fortunate. On the one hand, the crack does not fit into the frame, and on the other hand, the glass is also part of the optical scheme and the camera is calibrated taking into account the passage of light through it. And it's simple, is it pleasant to use a smartphone with a hole in place of the camera. It looks very dramatic.

Samsung Broken Camera Warranty Repair

Since the issue is not widespread (at least not yet), Samsung does not cover it under warranty. The company views the damage as cosmetic. All due to the fact that it is difficult to prove the absence of user guilt. If the problem becomes widespread, the company will begin checks and, possibly, find the cause of the defect.

Samsung's $ 1400 phone camera breaks on its own

And a smartphone can also break like this. But there are no questions here.

The problem is not even in the fact that the company refuses to carry out warranty repairs, but in how much the repair costs if it is done at its own expense. For users of Samsung's Premium Care plan, the repair cost is $ 100 (approximately RUB 7,300). If you don't have this, then the repair will cost $ 400 (about 29,500 rubles).

Agree, it's not pleasant to pay almost 30,000 rubles more for the marriage of a smartphone, which has already cost you 100,000 rubles. Therefore, if something like this suddenly happens to you, I recommend in any case to seek warranty repair. Samsung may have already acknowledged the problem at that point. Even if not, then she can agree that it was really a marriage and users who encountered it can apply for compensation for the costs incurred. Such cases have already occurred in the history of smartphones of different brands.

Unscrupulous Samsung Buyers

There is one more possibility of developments. It could well be that someone broke the camera of his smartphone himself and decided to slip it under warranty against the background of common problems that exist with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It could even be that one of them started such a process, and the rest picked up, considering it a good idea. There is only one thing that does not fit into such a theory.

Samsung's $ 1400 phone camera breaks on its own

The Chinese have already started selling camera protection.

If what has been said about consumer terrorism is true, then how to explain why everyone is complaining about the camera. Even if users themselves dropped their smartphones, but it was the camera that was broken for everyone, it means that something is wrong with it and it is a weak link in the design.

Let's see how events will develop further, but for now everything is as it is. If you are faced with such a problem or it just bothers you a lot, let's talk about it in our Telegram chat.

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