How to block websites on my phone (Chrome browser)?

Block websites on your phone In this article, we will look at an application for blocking unwanted sites on the Internet and its basic settings.

Go to Play Store and install BlockerX – Internet filter. It works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera browsers. Opera Mini.

Blocker X internet filter

At the first launch, we select the purpose of installing the application – for ourselves or for a child. In the second case, adult sites and all adult content in the search (a kind of analogue of parental control) will be automatically blocked.

We give the program all permissions.

Permissions for the program

Let's go to the settings:

  1. Turn on the adult content blocker. Adult content blocked
  2. Scroll down and activate the options:
    • block unsupported browsers, i.e. the browser application will be blocked if it does not support work with the blocker;
    • blocking image and video search – blocks image and video search through Google Search, Bing and other systems;
    • safe search – removes adult content 18+ from search results;
  3. We choose what will be shown instead of the blocked content – the “Store” tab. Animation selection
  4. On the “List” tab, manually add sites to block. Click on the “+” icon to add a site, application or keyword to block. For example, you can block youtube, vKontakte and other social media. networks. In the free version of the program, you can add 10 objects to block. Add site to block
  5. You can enable auto-sync on the List tab. This is necessary if you change your phone, all settings and blocked sites will automatically be restored on your new smartphone or tablet. The service requires a Premium version of the program ($ 6 / month).

Overall, the BlockerX app will keep you and your child safe from adult and inappropriate content online. For most users, the free version of the program is sufficient.

BlockerX- Internet filter / easy to block site BlockerX- Internet filter / easy to block site Download QR-Code BlockerX- Internet Filter / Easily Block Site Developer: FunSwitch Technologies Price: Free

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