How to block pop-ups in the Android browser?

Pop-up blocker Pop-up advertisements in the browser window on the Internet are often annoying and pose a security risk. In this article, I'll show you how to block pop-ups and redirects to other sites using three browsers as an example: Google Chrome, Firefox and the standard Android browser.

Blocking windows in the Chrome browser

Launch the browser, call the pop-up menu (three dots on the top right) – Settings.

Chrome settings

Go to Site Settings – Pop-ups and redirects. We block the option.

Popup windows

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Blocking windows in Firefox browser

Launch Firefox browser and enter: about: config in the search bar and press “Enter”.

Browser configuration

All browser configuration settings will open. In the line below, enter: dom.disable_open_during_load. Set the value to “true” – the blocker is enabled.

Window blocker

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Blocking windows in the standard Android browser

We launch the preinstalled browser on your device. We call the pop-up menu (icon at the top right) and select Settings (gear).

Browser settings

Settings – Additional settings – Prevent pop-ups.

Prevent pop-ups

Pop-up blockers can sometimes be bypassed, so no browser can guarantee you 100% protection. And to additionally block ads on websites, watch the following videos.

  • Blocking ads for Android

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