How to Android substitute a face in a video

If you think that the coronavirus has become the main trend of 2020, you are grossly mistaken. As it turned out, a much more significant event – at least for our readers – was the ability to watch animals in 3D. It was the article describing how to include the tiger in AR and other fauna that became the leader in the number of reads and brought us fivefold revenue. But since the world has not converged in a wedge only on 3D animals from Google, we have found for you another, no less interesting option to sleep with your smartphone. It will be fun. But first, a little theory.

How to Android substitute a face in a video

Do you want to make a deepfake at home? It couldn't be easier

Do you know what a deepfake is? Wikipedia says that this is a special image synthesis technique based on artificial intelligence. It can be used to superimpose a photograph of one person onto a video of a completely different person. As a result, you get the effect that the hero of the video is the first one, which was not actually there. Thus, Internet users have learned to substitute their faces for actors in movies, politicians and athletes, getting something incredibly funny at the end. The Reface app lets you take control of deepfakes.

How to deepfake on Android

  • Download Reface from Google Play to your smartphone;
  • Allow the app to access the camera;

How to Android substitute a face in a video

Without access to the camera, nothing will work

  • Close the window with an offer to subscribe by clicking the cross in the upper left corner;

How to Android substitute a face in a video

You can put your face on any hero

  • Take a selfie of yourself, and then select the scene in which you want to see yourself;

How to Android substitute a face in a video

GIF quality in Reface is noticeably lower than in movie scenes

  • Press Reface and wait for the selfies to be overlaid on the video;
  • Save the resulting result as video or GIF.

Reface's assortment includes a limited set of scenes from movies and popular TV shows. However, there are quite a few famous GIFs cut from movies and TV shows. True, unlike full-fledged scenes, they, firstly, have a much shorter duration, and, secondly, they have frankly low quality. Therefore, sharing such a story with another or a colleague in the chat will be quite acceptable, but uploading it to Instagram is no longer. The local audience, accustomed to the crystal clear pictures and stories taken on iPhone, will clearly not appreciate it.

Subscription to Reface

How to Android substitute a face in a video

Reface is free by default, but there are many restrictions

By default, Reface is distributed free of charge, however, upon first login, it offers a paid subscription. It is quite expensive – almost 1,900 rubles a year, but considering the work done by the developers to make our photographs so accurately superimpose on the faces of popular athletes, politicians and first-magnitude stars, you involuntarily begin to think that there is something to pay here for. Anyway, I laughed sincerely as I watched every scene I put my face on.

If you are not ready to pay, Reface is free to use, but with a number of restrictions. The main thing is a limited number of refs (8-10, I didn't count for sure) that can be done in 4 hours. That is, after you have used up the available limit, it will take 4 hours before you can create deepfakes again. Paid subscription removes this limitation. A minor limitation is the application logo, which will appear on all videos and GIFs that you save as a souvenir. Removing them, as well as reducing the processing time for deepfakes, can only be done for a fee.

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